New bitumen waterproofing for flat roofs offers lifespan of up to 50 years

Bauder Total Roof System PLUS is the new bitumen waterproofing system from Bauder. The system incorporates both rubber and elastic properties in the dual-modified BauderKARAT cap sheet to deliver superior durability, extended service life and exceptional waterproofing. 

BTRS PLUS supersedes BTRS as Bauder’s premier waterproofing system owing to the dual formulation capping sheet, BauderKARAT. 

Utilising a topside of atactic polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen with embedded slate granules, BauderKARAT increases the roof’s resistance to UV radiation and improves weathering. The APP modified bitumen has a higher softening point allowing it to tolerate installers walking on the membrane as it is laid without creating imprints. The proven styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified elastomeric bitumen on the underside provides outstanding flexibility which eliminates splitting caused by climatic extremes and building movement. 

Due to special coating formulation, the soft underside of the SBS bitumen reacts more efficiently to heat application, allowing for reduced installation times of more than 10%. The cap sheet also incorporates a lightweight polyester-glass composite which adds to the extreme strength and stability of the membrane.

Key benefits
• Heavy duty and extremely enduring system
• Fire classification BROOF (t4)
• Installation time reduced by more than 10%
• Outstanding guarantee package

BTRS PLUS – The system
The BauderKARAT cap sheet is only available within the BTRS PLUS solution that incorporates the BauderTEC KSA DUO 35 underlayer which is a 3.5mm self-adhesive SBS modified bitumen membrane. Together the pair of waterproofing membranes offer increased durability for the overall system and deliver a life expectancy of potentially fifty years.

When to specify?
The BTRS PLUS system is suitable for both refurbishment and new build schemes and can be installed on timber, metal or concrete decks. Specify BTRS PLUS for projects that require long life-span and high durability.