Bauder moves into the 4th generation


After 36 years as managing directors brothers Gerhard and Paul-Hermann Bauder both retired from operational management to join the advisory board at the beginning of 2018. Jan, Mark and Tim Bauder, the 4th generation of Bauder, together with Gerhard Einsele, take over the management.

Focus on the roof.
The third generation established an important milestone in the company’s history by focusing on the roof. In addition to the original waterproofing systems they included green roofs, photovoltaics systems and pitched roofs into the company’s product portfolio. Today, Bauder is able to offer a comprehensive range of services as well as all materials for waterproofing, thermal insulation, green roofing and energy generation. Consequently we are giving designers, building owners, constructors and installers the confidence to make the best decision where roofs are concerned. We also offer technical insulation materials made from polyurethane rigid foam for industrial applications.

Prepared for the future.
Bauder has continuously grown and is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of modern waterproofing, thermal insulation, green roof and photovoltaic systems for the roof. We want to further expand this position. With seven factories in Germany, one in Austria and 13 subsidiaries in 13 countries, Bauder is present throughout Europe. Our international business makes up more than 40% of turnover.

“We offer everything from a single source” says Tim Bauder “This is a great advantage for architects, surveyors, contractors and roofers. Equally, our reliable on-site support is fundamental to our success and has always been key for us. Over a quarter of all Bauder employees are on a customer’s site at all times.”

From January 2018 the 3 brothers of the 4th generation and Gerhard Einsele took over the management. Jan Bauder is responsible for export and finance, Mark is responsible for technology, Tim for marketing and Gerhard Einsele for sales.

Our focus is on the future. Sustainability.
The markets are changing faster than ever and consequently the construction industry’s requirements are also changing rapidly. We see this as an opportunity for growth. Our strength is recognising the individual requirements of the market at an early stage and developing innovative tailor-made solutions. Sustainability is one of the key business objectives. Our durable waterproofing systems sustainably preserve structures and our high-quality thermal insulation systems play a decisive role in helping to solve the climate problem. Our green roof systems are environmentally friendly and create living habitats, while renewable energy can also be produced on roof areas with photovoltaic systems. Furthermore, we harmonise economic, environmental and social concerns with our long-term management of the company so that nothing stands in the way of a successful and sustainable future.
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Paul Bauder and his son Hermann Bauder  The brothers: Paul-Hermann and Gerhard Bauder The brothers: Jan, Mark and Tim Bauder