Providing Emmaus Hertfordshire with a new, watertight roofing solution

CRASH approached Bauder for assistance in resolving a leaking roof at Emmaus Hertfordshire, a homelessness charity that empowers people to help themselves through meaningful activity. As Bauder has been a corporate patron for CRASH the UK construction industry charity since 2008, they donated roofing products and services to support the local homeless community.
The flat roof on the residential building was failing with water beginning to leak through into the companions’ bedrooms and required urgent replacement.

Bauder provided the whole service, starting with roof surveys to assess the condition of the two current roofs at the Emmaus Hertfordshire branch. Core samples were also obtained at strategic locations on each of the three main flat roof areas to provide evidence on where water ingress may have occurred.

The roof survey revealed that the 80m2 flat roof is a warm roof construction originally waterproofed with asphalt, with PIR insulation underneath. The core sample discovered that the insulation was saturated due to water ingress. Ponding water was also a problem, as falls were not adequately incorporated into the buildings structure.

The 250m2 flat roof was built as a cold roof and insulated at the ceiling level. The overall condition of this roof was relatively good, although the solar pv array that was installed had penetrated the roof covering in several points.
The gutter had a braised brickwork upstand and was originally waterproofed with asphalt which had split and blistered.
The solution:
Based on our recommendations, Bauder Approved Contractors CWG Group, stripped the 80m2 roof to the deck and installed a bituminous waterproofing system with a tapered insulation scheme so that the refurbished roof would comply with the current building regulations.

The PV array was removed from the roof covering on the 250m2 roof where the efficiency was assessed. The roof covering was overlaid with two layers of bitumen membranes, with the possibility of reinstalling the PV array to another roof area.

A liquid overlay was installed to the gutter areas up to the pitched roofs tiles and the gutters upstands.
About Emmaus:
Emmaus offers homes, training and jobs to homeless people for as long as they may need. Enabling their residents or ‘companions’ to rebuild their lives and confidence. The Emmaus Hertfordshire branch houses 36 residents and contributes massively to their community.

“It has been a pleasure to support CRASH charity again and Emmaus on their recent project in St Albans. To know that the support we give, allows Emmaus to use the money they raise to go straight into supporting the local homeless community and not on building maintenance is such a thrill for all at Bauder and we are more than happy to help. A BIG thankyou also to our local Approved Installer CWG Group, who have fully supported this project, and delivered a high-quality roof for the community.” - Rob Woolston, Regional Manager at Bauder for the East of England.
“CRASH is delighted to help the Emmaus Hertfordshire community and would like to thank the generosity of the construction industry for making this possible; from the involvement of our Corporate Patron Bauder to those companies who fundraise for CRASH and make offering grants possible. This project is a testament of the construction industry’s good will and their dedication to help CRASH construct places that care for people who are homeless or receiving hospice care.” - Niamh McCann, Projects Manager at CRASH
Find information on working with CRASH to help the most vulnerable people within society here.  

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