Grade II listed building transformed using BTRS and Bauder Thermofol PVC

Grade II listed building New Market Hall, located in Plymouth, was part of a major £7 million refurbishment to transform the forgotten structure into a digital hub for research, entertainment, and learning.

The existing roof was in a very poor condition after being left to decay for a number of years. To protect future visitors and integrate with the iconic architecture of the historic structure, the building required a complete roofing refurbishment as well as new roofs on various structural extensions.
Bauder approved contractors, DFR Roofing, installed Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS) creating a warm roof on the new extension to the building. BTRS is one of the most durable flat roofing systems on the market making it ideally suited to this large area, some of which would be housing permanently sited plant and be subject to foot traffic.

Bauder Thermofol PVC membrane was also installed extensively across the main roofing area, in blue grey and anthracite complementing the architectural style of the existing build, while also making a design statement in its own right. 

With the new cinema featuring a 15 metre, 360-degree dome, acoustics were a key consideration. Providing superior acoustic and thermal performance and noise reduction qualities, BauderROCK insulation was specified for the domed roof.
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