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Flat roofs are challenging in terms of insulation, waterproofing systems and functional upgrades. We are the only European manufacturer of bitumen membranes, synthetic membranes and PIR insulation to offer such an unrivalled variety of sophisticated flat roof solutions. If you want a successful roof, think Bauder.

Renewable energy technology is begining to shape the future of construction and choosing photovoltaics for a rooftop installation makes complete sense from a financial and environmental perspective. Our PV systems are ideal for new build and refurbishment flat roofs, they are simple in design and efficiently generate electricity to reduce a building's carbon footprint.

We are renowned for our green roofs, delivering simple sedum blanket solutions and biodiversity habitats through to complex recreational spaces such as roof gardens, allotments and rooftop playgrounds.

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Understanding fire ratings ►
Read our fire performance updates for flat roofs, based on changes to building regulations affecting flat roofing.

Moisture mapping a current roof ►
Moisture mapping gauges how much of the thermalisation of a roof is due to trapped moisture. The survey report provides accurate and scientific information to make decisions for roof repairing.

Thermal insulation and Part L ►
There are different thermal efficiency options available to insulate flat roofs with their own benefits depending on whether you are constructing a warm roof or inverted roof, the usage of the building and what the project requirements are.  

Adding photovoltaics ►
Our solar photovoltaic (PV) installation is designed to deliver the most efficient energy generation on flat and green roofs.

Creating a green space ►
A Bauder green roof brings back a piece of nature whilst delivering a watertight roof. It combines the finished planting scheme and all its supportive components with a high quality and secure waterproofing systems.

Refurbishing current roofs 
There are different options available for refurbishment projects. We can advise you as to which is most suitable and cost-effective to your project.

BRE Green Guide Ratings ►
The BRE Green Guide lists environmental ratings for various types of flat roof construction and the waterproofing system utilised.



The Technical Centre is a valuable resource for a wide variety of files that will support your project needs.