Bauder has launched LiquiTOP System Cold Applied Roof Waterproofing, a moisture-triggered polyurethane (PU) liquid waterproofing specifically for use on projects that require a value for money solution with a comprehensive guarantee.

Refurbishment projects can pose a myriad of challenges for a surveyor tasked with delivering an effective solution on a budget. Bauder has developed an offering that achieves first class waterproofing suitable to install on a number of different substrates, providing quality and versatility whilst maintaining manageable costs.

Bauder LiquiTOP System Cold Applied Roof Waterproofing

System components and installation
The key products within the Bauder LiquiTOP System are the PU liquid membrane itself and the LiquiTOP Glass Fibre Mat. Starting at the details, an embedment coat of LiquiTOP PU is applied and reinforced with LiquiTOP Glass Fibre Mat; then the main roof area receives an embedment coat with reinforcement and the installed areas are left to cure, usually overnight. At this stage, the completed reinforced embedment coat acts as temporary waterproofing.

The top coat is then applied wet-on-dry to the cured embedment coat, again, starting at the details then proceeding with the main roof area.

Overlaying Bauder LiquiTOP System on existing substrates
Bauder LiquiTOP System can be overlaid on existing waterproofing, providing that the system and deck are sound. This will be subject to a Bauder roof survey to determine the build-up and condition. As a totally cold system, no hot works are used making Bauder LiquiTOP System suitable for application even on combustible materials.

Specifying the LiquiTOP System is especially advantageous when the existing waterproofing is failing but is not completely dilapidated. The slight vapour permeability of the polyurethane allows any lingering dampness to gradually leave the roof build up, whilst providing water tightness from external factors after just one coat.

Upgrading a building’s thermal performance
If the client chooses to incorporate a thermal upgrade into the refurbishment, there are several options available to use with the LiquiTOP System. BauderPIR FA-TE can be used where there are sufficient falls, however if the drainage is not adequate, a BauderPIR FA Tapered scheme could be utilised. BauderROCK can be used if acoustic performance is a consideration, as can BauderVIP if the height of the roof must be limited.

Life span and guarantee
Bauder LiquiTOP System Cold Applied Roof Waterproofing is available in a two-coat or three-coat option (Bauder LiquiTOP 3COAT System), with respective life expectancy and guarantee. There is also the option to apply additional layers in the future to further extend the life of the PU waterproofing.

The BBA certificate states that under normal service conditions, Bauder LiquiTOP System has a service life of 20 or 25 years depending upon the number of coats. The system can achieve a BROOF(t4) rating for both flat and sloping roofs.

Why Bauder LiquiTOP System?
Specify Bauder LiquiTOP System Cold Applied Roof Waterproofing for your flat roof project when:
  • keeping costs down is a key objective
  • access is limited to manoeuvre material to and from site
  • the works comprise awkward detailing or plant that cannot be moved
  • the building is occupied
  • disruption must be kept to a minimum
  • quick and easy installation is required
“Bauder LiquiTOP System is a versatile waterproofing solution that will bond to most flat roof substrates. It forms a monolithic membrane which contours to the roof shape and detailing, ideal when a roof area presents challenging elements. Quick installation and minimal waste make it an ideal solution for when the client requires a rapid turnaround with minimal disruption.”
Cold applied liquid product manager at Bauder, Mike Bradbury.

View the system overview for further information and product details. Or, contact our technical team on or 01473 257671.