Design Considerations

Flat roofs are known to be remarkably versatile and create a range of design possibilities. There are two benefits to this versatility: first there is the virtually limitless design possibilities which means green roofs can be incorporated as recreational spaces or natural habitatsphotovoltaic arrays added for energy production, and then there are very specific and strict requirements in terms of insulation and waterproofing.

The flat roof also offers some very practical advantages including easy access. When a roof area is formed into a terrace or planted, the building gains more than simply an attractive exterior. It is also enhanced by the creation of extra living space – whether in a new build or as part of refurbishment. A flat roof is the ideal place for a PV installation as it provides an unobstructed space that is perfectly positioned to catch as much sunlight as possible. At the same time, a flat roof permits optimum utilisation of the interior space, as there are no sloping ceilings. All in all, a flat roof offers many advantages for everyone.

Explore the design considerations of a flat roof, green roof, PV flat roof, and a blue roof.