Installation Videos

BauderSOLAR F PV system

The distinctive element of the BauderSOLAR F PV system is in the installation of the scheme, which does not require any penetration of the waterproofing or roof deck, even in a non-ballasted arrangement. This unique installation method sets the system ahead of others and safeguards the integrity of the waterproofing and roof deck; additionally the attachment of the components is very stable so that even in extreme weather the entire array is secure on the roof. Any minor movement of the panels, which is generally created by wind uplift, is easily tolerated and does not affect the fixings, or waterproofing system.

LiquiTOP system

LiquiTOP is excellent on refurbishment and new build projects particularly where the complexity of the roof involves intricate areas to be detailed that are not easily achieved with a membrane, or the actual working space on the roof is constricted. Watch our installation video to see how the system is applied.


BauderPIR FA G16

BauderPIR FA G16 is a cost effective way of creating falls on a roof. This video explains how the different boards can create a scheme to ensure water leaves the rooftop in the desired direction.


Green roof working as a blue roof 


One of the many benefits of a green roof is the way in which it manages the egress of rain water from the rooftop. The growing medium absorbs initial rainfall. During heavier rainy spells, the reservoir and drainage board fills with water. The stored water is then taken up by the plants in drier weather. During storm events or prolonged periods of precipitation, the reservoir and drainage board fills and water flows out onto the waterproofing where it can flow freely to the outlets to leave the roof.

BauderBLUE Roof SuDS

The BauderBLUE Roof System is a sustainable drainage method designed to attenuate and manage stormwater on a flat roof over a 24-hour period via a restrictive flow outlet. This video shows how the rooftop SuDS system works.

Torch-free bitumen membrane detailing

Hot air welded, self-adhesive, SBS modified bitumen membranes for the vapour control layer, underlayer and cap sheet for torch-free detailing. This system conforms to the recommendations given in the ‘Safe2Torch’ guidance NFRC.

Self adhesive bitumen installation

The installation of this bitumen membrane system incorporates 'DUO' technology, which features heat-activated and self-adhesive application. The DUO products have been developed to make installation quicker, safer, simpler and more secure.

R&A equipment testing centre

This is an example of how our sedum blanket roof systems are installed using long rolls of pre-cultivated sedum plants grown like turf on our farms located in Norfolk.

Sedum installation at the Eden Project

This is how sedum roofs are installed using long rolls of pre-cultivated sedum plants grown like 'turf'. This building is at the Eden Project which is open to the public.