St Elizabeth's Hospice Suffolk Remembers 

We are proud to have been a part of this year’s St Elizabeth Hospice’s remembrance event, Suffolk Remembers where the community lights thousands of candles in memory of family and friends that have ceased to be and are resting in peace.

Suffolk Remembers is an annual event hosted by St Elizabeth’s Hospice, where the large letters which spell out the words ‘Suffolk Remembers’ are filled with 5,000 candles where the community dedicates a candle to those no longer with us. The candle-lit letters are displayed along Felixstowe seafront for the community to gather around and celebrate their loved ones.
In support of this special event, Bauder sponsored the letter ‘B’, alongside other local businesses sponsoring the letters of Suffolk Remembers. The local business representatives, including two Bauder colleagues from our charity, social and well-being team carried the letters to the dedicated spot whilst accompanied by beautiful live music, singing, and readings. We are privileged and humbled to be part of this moving event to aid in raising much needed funds for the hospice.

St Elizabeth’s Hospice is an independent East Suffolk charity which provides care to over 3000 patients each year who are living with a progressive or life-limiting illness and supports their families throughout. These services cost £12.9m to facilitate each year, with the charity raising 70% of funds via revenue streams and the generosity of the community through support of its retail shops and fundraising activities.

Thank you to the hospice for allowing us to stand with them for this very special event 🧡💜