Restoring a current flat roof

Establishing the existing condition of the roof and identifying areas of concern

Your roof could possibly be experiencing challenges that a visual appraisal may not always detect. Technical testing methods determine the scope of works required and provide graphic evidence of a roof’s condition. This information can inform decisions about how to action any defects and extend the life of your roof.

Flat Roof Survey

Core sampling

Core sampling provides information on the material construction of the roof waterproofing, insulation incorporated, and deck type whilst also providing evidence where water ingress may have occurred. Multiple core samples are taken at strategic locations to distinguish the build up, identify if there is tapered insulation present, to find entrapped water in the system, and to establish consistency of the build-up on the entire roof area.

Photographic records of each core sample are taken and used within the finished report for visual evidence with clarification of the location.
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Moisture mapping with a density gauge

Moisture mapping is suited for all roof structures, including those with multiple layers of insulation and previously overlaid waterproofing systems. Measurements are generally performed in a two-metre grid pattern plotted on a scaled drawing of the roof. Once readings at all grid points have been recorded, software is used to create a precise moisture map of the roof area and its condition.
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Overlay or replace?

Overlaying a flat roof

It is possible to overlaying an existing roof covering if the current roof is sound, dry and free from water damage. The overlay materials must be compatible with existing materials. 
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Flat roof replacement

​If there is doubt over the long-term integrity of a roof or there is significant moisture present within the system or underlying screed, the roof coverings should always be removed. When stripping the roof, it is crucial to consider removing the drainage falls. If the drainage falls are removed, it is necessary to incorporate new screed, or more conveniently use tapered insulation to maintain adequate drainage.
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Specifying the right solution

For refurbishment projects, our range of waterproofing solutions can be used with some systems lending themselves to a particular project depending on the design, cost, additional sustainability focus, and life expectancy. Our design team will support you through all the considerations required for evolving the roof with utility upgrades, such as adding a green roof or PV array, whilst also creating a scheme that safeguards the underlying Bauder waterproofing.

Retrofitting Solar PV
Adding photovoltaic panels onto your refurbishment project is incredibly beneficial as it:
■□ Provide energy security for the future and cost reduction.
■□ Reducing carbon footprint
■□ London RE:FIT scheme supports public sector organisations, charities and third sector organisations to reduce CO2 emissions.

BauderSOLAR F gives the power to create renewable energy on flat roofs. The ideal space for a PV array to ensure maximum output of energy. The BauderSOLAR F system is designed to ensure the integrity of the waterproofing system beneath is upheld.
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Bauder service

Why surveyors, facilities managers and building owners choose us

Clients choose us because of the way in which we do business, the way we treat every project individually, and how we work alongside customers, contractors, and all relevant stakeholders from project inception through to completion to deliver the best solution for a building.

Our service to you 

Flat roofs can be perceived as simplistic in both their appearance, design, and installation. However, there is a precision to the detailing that must be adhered to so that the solution remains watertight, endures, and resists the elements and stands the test of time. Therefore, as part of our service, we work on a one-to-one basis to ensure that the roof specification we generate for you meets the needs of the building and project stakeholders and will confirm suitability of the solution to each roof area. Our technical support is completed with a final inspection of the installation and guarantee. Find out more