Insulating a flat roof...

Improved thermal efficiency has positive effects on the environment through reduced energy usage.  There are different options with their own benefits depending on the roof type you are constructing.


PIR Insulation is highly efficient and the reduced thickness compared to other insulants is a benefit to the construction industry and ensures it is now a mainstay element for many buildings.  BauderPIR can be specified with foil-facing for additional thermal gain, glass tissue faced and tapered for improved falls on a roof.  Used within a Bauder waterproofing system our products meet currenUK Building Regulations Part B for fire protection.

A relatively new insulant available is a vacuum insulation panel with exceptional insulating properties which are a result of its high performance silica core that is encased by multi-layer composite aluminium foil.  The BauderVIP panel is protected by a rubber crumb mat bonded to the underside and a PIR board on the upper surface.  These two elements prevent mechanical damage to the vacuum core, which would otherwise compromise the integrity and therefore the efficiency of the panel.

PIR Insulation

This insulation is a closed-cell rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) board. It is both strong and inert and has a compressive strength of minimum 0.12N/mm2 making it suitable for all kinds of load bearing decks. The low thermal conductivity allows for the insulation to be of a reduced thickness compared to many other well known insulants, such as mineral wool or cellular glass. 
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Tapered PIR Insulation for Drainage Falls

This is a lightweight, convenient and cost effective alternative method of providing falls to a roof instead of incorporating them into the structure, whilst also providing thermal insulation. A tapered insulation scheme is ideal for improving drainage falls on refurbishment projects. 
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Space Saving Vacuum Insulation Panels

Bauder vacuum insulation panels are specifically designed to provide high thermal performance in areas with limited height and are ideally suited for terrace and balcony applications. The exceptional insulating properties of the insulation are a result of its high performance silica core that is encased by multi-layer composite aluminium foil.
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Inverted Roof Insulation

Bauder insulation for inverted roof designs is impenetrable to water, resistant to rot and decay and has an even higher compressive strength than other insulation products, as it does not benefit from the protection of the waterproofing membranes. 
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Profiled Roof Overlay

This EPS insulation board is designed and manufactured to match profiled sheet and cladding system intended for refurbishing existing metal roofs to improve their thermal performance.  
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