Bauder helps CRASH with vital building improvements

CRASH and Corporate Patrons Bauder, Arcadis and Cundall respond to urgent requests for help with a new roof and relocating electrics at Halton Haven Hospice. 


Halton Haven Hospice opened in 1984 to provide inpatient and outpatient specialist palliative care for adults with life-limiting illnesses, including clinical and complimentary therapies, counselling, and bereavement support. Annually it provides care for approximately 190 inpatients, 150-day hospice users and 460 relatives, friends and carers through family support services.

Halton Haven initially applied to CRASH in 2019 for help to restore the roof of their Inpatient Unit conservatory, which was leaking and making the room unusable. The conservatory is a space that allows whole families to gather together as it is much larger than the patient rooms, but during poor weather this was made impossible.
In 2020 Halton Haven approached CRASH again with an urgent request for help with their electrical intake to the hospice. The electrics were housed in a single storey, timber framed modular building which was approaching the end of its useful life, with a roof that was leaking into the room with the electrical intake. There was a very real danger that a heavy downpour could lead to significant damage to the electrics and potentially leave the whole site, including the inpatient unit, without power. Repairs to the roof had previously been undertaken but a long-term solution was needed.
In 2019, with the help of CRASH Patron companies Bauder and Arcaids, a new roof was installed which transformed the conservatory and now means the space can be enjoyed throughout the year by patients with life-limiting illnesses, their families and friends.
“Thank you to all our wonderful Corporate Patrons who helped deliver these important projects. Also, a very special thank you to all of our supporters whose fantastic fundraising has allowed us to award Halton Haven with cash grants. These grants meant this essential work could be completed much more quickly.” - Francesca Roberts, Chief Executive at CRASH.
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