BauderKARAT Capping Sheet

The BauderKARAT capping sheet features a 300g/m² spunbond polyester/glass composite reinforcement to allow the finished product to cope with structural movement without fracture, and a mineral finish to provide protection against UV degradation.

Technical Data

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Roll size 1 x 5m
Fixing method Torch bonded to the specified underlayer
Surface finish Top - Charcoal grey slate granules
Thickness 5.2mm
Weight 6Kg/m² 
Reinforcement 300g/m² polyester glass composite
Tensile strength (EN 12311-1) Length ≥ 1450N/50mm
Diagonal ≥ 1450N/50mm
Elongation at break (EN 12311-1) Length ≥ 23%
Diagonal ≥ 23%
Cold bending (EN 1109) -40°C
Heat stability (EN 1110) +150°C
Colour Charcoal grey

This cap sheet is to be used within Bauder Total Roof System PLUS (BTRS PLUS).

The key features of the BTRS PLUS system include:

Bauder manufactures all of its membranes to current specifications and tolerances, ensuring full compatibility of the components used within the system build-up.