NFRC Award Winner 2024

Bauder project, The Lloyd’s Building, London has been presented with two awards at the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) UK Roofing Awards 2024. The project won the Reinforced Bitumen Membranes category and The Industry Choice Award that is voted for by the public.

The Lloyd’s Building, located in the City of London, is the centre of Lloyd’s global operations, housing the marketplace and the majority of its Corporation departments and the original roof was reaching the end of its serviceable life.

The renowned building inaugurated in 1986 received a Grade I listing for its architectural originality due to its "inside out" design 25 years after its establishment.
The project comprised three main towers and three service towers around a central rectangular space with new waterproofing required across ten different roof areas. Bauder Total Roof System PLUS (BTRS PLUS), a reinforced bitumen membrane solution was specified to meet project objectives, incorporating BauderGLAS Insulation to enhance the thermal efficiency of the roof.

Due to the complex and prestigious nature of the project, a detailed plan was produced by Inspire Contract Services and Bauder at the tender stage to explain the sequence of works and operations; including the systems and procedures that would be used to implement and control the quality of the works, details of overcoming potential design challenges and reports covering health and safety and technical support.
Due to the building's distinctive shape, height, and face, a conventional scaffolding system was not suitable for the project. The roofing contractor worked closely with the crane contractor to establish a safe and secure scaffold system. Each roof area had a crane for safe transportation of materials and removal of waste. As a result, flexible working was required by all operatives.
The installation works were carried out by roofing operatives taking into account various challenges including client requirements, the building’s distinctive height and shape, the project location, City of London requirements, scaffolding schedules, and rooftop plant equipment. Therefore, the site set-up locations, access routes, and work methodology were carefully considered.
The finished project was completed in June 2023, delivering a Bauder bituminous waterproofing system across ten roof areas (totalling 3418m²), with a service life in excess of 35 years under normal service conditions according to the BBA certificate.
The UK Roofing Awards is an industry-wide event recognising and rewarding outstanding standards of workmanship and safety within the UK roofing industry. A range of criteria is considered by the panel of judges including the degree of difficulty, aesthetics, problem-solving, health and safety, workmanship, and environmental qualities.

A huge congratulations to Inspire Contract Services Ltd on the award win!

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