Blue Roof sustainable drainage solution - Rooftop SuDS

The BauderBLUE Roof System is a sustainable drainage method designed to attenuate and manage stormwater on a flat roof over a 24-hour period via a restrictive flow outlet.  A BauderBLUE roof is designed specifically for each individual project.

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Benefits of a Blue Roof

A BauderBLUE roof is a solution for urban areas where options for ground-based attenuation systems are limited, and in particular, where construction is being carried out within flood sensitive areas.  The BauderBLUE roof system has no moving parts, is simple to install and easy to maintain.  It is designed to slow the release of rainwater into the drainage system and to discharge the water completely over a 24-hour period.

Benefits of a BauderBLUE Roof

  • Aid to planning and meets SuDS requirements when other systems are impractical or unable to be employed.
  • All waterproofing, components and products covered within the Bauder guarantee.
  • Typically a blue roof attenuates up to 120mm of stormwater and the outlets give predicted rainwater discharge rates.
  • No moving parts, simple to install and easy to maintain.
  • Attenuates stormwater to alleviate localised or downstream flooding.

Why specify a Blue Roof?

Development and expansion of towns and cities has seen exponential use of impervious surfaces causing artificially high rates of rainwater runoff. In measures to prevent flooding, planners are restricting the amount of rainwater leaving a site via the drainage system which can be limited to 5-10 litres per second per hectare, the same flow rates for regional greenfield sites.

This rooftop sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) has weight load implications and the project’s structural engineer will need to be engaged with the design process from an early stage.

How it works

The specifically engineered outlet restricts the discharge of stormwater to a calculated and predesigned flow rate to significantly slow down the volume of water leaving the site. As the storm passes, water continues to discharge from the roof at a controlled rate which helps to avoid downstream or localised flooding.

The BauderBLUE Roof system can be constructed at either rooftop or podium level. The designed void space between the flat roof waterproofing membrane and hard or soft landscaping finish allows the stormwater to attenuate.

Environmental Credentials

  • Bauder Blue Roof outlet manufactured from HDPE, classification 2, which is widely recycled.
  • Rooftop solutions form part of the CIRIA SuDS design guide.
  • Reduces the discharge rate of rainwater, mitigating the risk of localised or downstream flooding.
  • Can be designed beneath a green roof vegetated finish.

Technical Credentials and Downloads

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Each blue roof project is unique in its requirements. If you are looking for a rooftop sustainable urban drainage system then get in touch with our team to discuss your project’s individual needs.

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