LiquiTEC solves detailing challenges in Basildon project

Selecting the most appropriate waterproofing system for a flat roof can be difficult, particularly when working in awkward areas and potentially problematic situations. There was no exception when it came to the refurbishment of Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital’s roof.

The existing roof was failing in multiple areas with the hospital also needing 80 rooflights replaced. The rooms below included operating theatres, drug refrigeration and x ray clinics, meaning the plant couldn’t be turned off or raised, and many of the AC units and boilers had to be left running. Certain areas had to be repaired before others and detailing under and around the plant that could not be raised was almost an impossible task.

To help overcome these challenges, Bauder LiquiTEC was used for the areas around the plant, meaning the contractors could ensure a watertight seal with quick application, allowing them to complete the remainder of the roof using reinforced bitumen membrane, and meet the tight project deadline of 12 weeks.

Bauder’s cold liquid applied LiquiTEC range has systems for warm, inverted, green and cold roof roofing applications as well as terrace, balcony and walkways. Using proven, fast curing PMMA technology, the full waterproofing systems are reinforced with a polyester fleece and are applied wet on wet. This application method, coupled with the fast and controlled chemical cure of the waterproofing, allows roof areas to be fully waterproofed in a few hours.

Key benefits

  • Great for smaller areas where the project can be completed in a day.
  • Ideal when access is required over completed areas.
  • The systems are highly adaptable and can be used for large open areas, areas with complicated detailing, small roofs and balconies and gutters.
Using LiquiTEC for waterproofing awkward areas allows contractors to use alternative membranes on the main roof area, without the challenge of working around plant or other obstructions whilst also maintaining reliable waterproofing.



Rafal Drabik, London Seamless Flat Roofing: “Hospitals are always one of the most challenging projects due to height sensitivity and require a careful approach to avoid any disruption to the hospital services.

The client was keen to follow a flame free, heat free roofing application on this part of the project for the safety of staff, pupils and the contractors on site. Working with Bauder Technical support team enabled us to deliver the best and bespoke solution for very challenging areas of the roof.”

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