Bauder celebrates 15 years as a Corporate Patron of CRASH Charity

This year Bauder celebrates 15 years as a Corporate Patron of CRASH. CRASH is the construction industry’s charity that supports homelessness and hospice organisations with their building projects to create facilities that can provide care for people when they are most vulnerable.

From April 2022 to March 2023, Bauder has provided donations and professional expertise totalling £12,300 to CRASH Charity. Alongside our fellow corporate patrons and CRASH, we have contributed to helping 40 homelessness and hospice projects over the last year by providing professional industry expertise, construction products and donations or grants. These projects have transformed hostels and day centres for vulnerable people who are homeless. They have also created caring environments at hospices for children and adults who require end of life care.

Bauder is currently supporting Emmaus Hertfordshire’s 36-bed homeless residence with a roof refurbishment project. The residence offers a home for the night for vulnerable people whilst providing them with training and support to rebuild their lives after homelessness.
  The roof needed replacing due to the old and weathered roof beginning to leak into residents’ bedrooms. Bauder professionals provided their expertise by carrying out a roof survey to establish the existing condition and decide how to best rectify the problem. A roof specification was produced with the appropriate Bauder waterproofing solutions to meet the requirements of the project. We are currently working with Gary Chambers of CWG Group, local Bauder Approved roofing contractor, to deliver the roof refurbishment.

Without the corporate patron companies CRASH would be unable to continue supporting these significant and impactful construction projects.

Find out more about how you can work with CRASH to help homelessness and hospice charities with their building projects: