Bauder takes part in virtual resilience workshop

2020 has been a testing year for us all, and so the Bauder UK HR department organised a number of virtual resilience workshops entitled ‘Thriving Amid Adversity’ which have taken place over the last few weeks in order to help the team build greater resilience, self-understanding, and to provide a tool kit of techniques to support us through these challenging times and beyond, as well as to just have a bit of much needed fun!

The virtual workshops reinforced relationships and connections across Bauder through exploration of the topic of wellness and personal resilience with each other, enabling us to develop a greater awareness of our personal needs as well as the needs of others.

As part of the virtual workshops we were asked to take a photo of ourselves depicting how we have been resilient over the last 6 months which resulted in some weird and wonderful outcomes (pictured below). We also received a resilience care package in the post which included a personalised flask!

A big thank you to Sue Pearson for organising the workshops and thank you to Andy Harmer of Andy Harmer Consulting and Roger Porthouse of VA Consultants for conducting them.