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Questions about Bauder

What makes Bauder different from other manufacturer-suppliers?

Our ethos is to support you through your project from concept and design, to system selection, installation, inspection and sign-off. We don't just supply products to a distributor, we work with you and care about the projects you deliver.
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I want to work at Bauder, what jobs are available?

We post our vacancies online and you can view the latest positions here. Alternatively you can contact our HR Manager via email and register your CV for future roles within Bauder.
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Why do I need to use one of your Approved Contractors for installing my roof project?

Our approved contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install Bauder products as they provide the necessary skills, experience and business structure and capability to deliver a project that will meet the demands of our stringent sign-off for a project and issuance of guarantee.
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Do you have ISO 14001 environmental accreditation?

Yes. We hold ISO 14001 certification for our business practices as well as for our manufacturing production facilities.
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I am a Facilites Manager, would you work with me direct on re-roofing the building I am responsible for?

Absolutely we will. Our service incorporates surveying your roof to identify the problem, provide you with a detailed report including photographic evidence, and then work with you on a solution that fits the needs of the building and your budget so that the completed refurbishment roof will meet all your expectations.
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How do I know that the individual fixers installing my Bauder roof are accredited?

All the individual installers working on your project are required to display their approved operative badges at all times as these carry a photograph, name and the systems they are approved to install. You are completely within your rights to ask an operative to see their Bauder badge at any time and our site technicians will also check installer validity when they visit your project site. If an operative doesn't have their badge on them at the time, please call our technical department on 01473 257671, who will take a few details and let you know the status of the person you are calling about.


Do you have a Quality Policy as well as a statement?

We do, and we are very proud of the way in which we approach business to ensure that we endeavour to deliver a service that focuses on quality.
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