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Launched earlier this year the BauderBLUE Roof System is a sustainable drainage method designed to attenuate and manage stormwater on a flat roof over a 24-hour period via a restrictive flow outlet.  A BauderBLUE roof is designed specifically for each individual project.

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Bauder moves into the 4th generation

After 36 years as managing directors brothers Gerhard and Paul-Hermann Bauder both retired from operational management to join the advisory board at the beginning of 2018. Jan, Mark and Tim Bauder, the 4th generation of Bauder, together with Gerhard Einsele, take over the management.

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Irish Architecture Expo 2019

Bauder attended prestigious architecture and building event in Dublin.

Bauder showcases award winning system at Architecture and Building Expo, Dublin

Bauder attended the Architecture and Building Expo 2019 in Dublin to exhibit BauderBLUE