Turnkey Service

Technical support service for green roofs

The service you receive from us is a reflection of our vast experience and knowledge of delivering green roof projects. Bauder was the first company to introduce green roof technology to the UK and Ireland over 30 years ago and we have worked on countless green roof projects since then - understanding the issues, design challenges, and impact a green roof makes on a building.

Brief and consultation

You give us your remit either at your office or on site. We will discuss the green roof project; site suitability, level of access required, falls and drainage, weight loadings, performance expectations, preferred system application, your budget and how the programme of works can be formulated.


Roof review

Upon determining that a green roof is a suitable and practical addition to your building we will perform a detailed appraisal of all roof areas to fully assess the design considerations. Once the vegetation finish has been decided the structural and design considerations, and green roof components can then be proposed. 


Report, design and specification service

Designing to protect the building's construction and flat roof waterproofing is vital when delivering a green roof as many additional forces can affect the structure. The detailed report and specification package you will receive takes into account these factors and not only answers your original brief but also meets the needs of the building. 


Contractor selection

The Bauder approved contractors best placed to deliver your green roof will competitively price and tender for your project. Our national network of contractors undergo a rigorous selection process and their installers are trained specifically in the application of our systems, so you are ensured an expert installation.  More â–ş


Installation of the green roof solution

Once the Bauder approved contractor has been appointed, a pre-contract meeting will make sure that the project delivery is well coordinated. The works are closely monitored by Bauder site technicians with regular inspections and ‘live’ time reports to ensure quality and waterproof integrity of the roof.


Sign off, guarantee and maintenance

A full final inspection is completed on the works by our site technician team following rigorous approval criteria before the guarantee is issued. Our comprehensive range of guarantee packages fulfil cover requirements for the project (dependant on system/product selection). For more information contact our technical department for a sample guarantee outlining cover level, terms and conditions.

A green roof is a real asset to a building and for it to continue to deliver the environmental and aesthetic benefits for which it was originally designed it is important to carry out maintenance on a regular basis. Bauder provides a tailor-made maintenance service and programme which ensures that a green roof continues to deliver the environmental and aesthetic benefits for which it was designed.

Our service is simple and professional giving you the best possible technical support for each and every green roof project. You give us your remit then together we will discuss how the programme of works can be formulated. We will perform an appraisal of your roof and you will receive the detailed survey report. We can then determine which solution best matches your requirements and once the Bauder approved contractor has been appointed the works begin. All work is closely monitored by our site technicians to ensure quality and the guarantee is only issued upon a final inspection. Bauder offers a maintenance service which then ensures that your green roof continues to deliver the environmental and aesthetic benefits for which it was designed.  

Contact us today about your project

Each project is unique in its requirements, but we have case studies and examples of our work available to help guide you. If you are looking for a green roof system, then get in touch with our team to discuss your project’s individual needs.

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