PROJECT REVISITED: Bournemouth International Centre

The Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) was constructed between 1982 — 1984, opening in September 1984  as one of the largest venues for conferences, exhibitions, entertainment and events in southern England. The centre is well known for hosting national conferences of major British political parties and trade unions.  During these  high profile events, security was paramount and personnel made use of the flat roof for storing equipment and as a vantage point. 

The original roof system had been poorly laid and incorporated mineral wool insulation which unfortunately did not offer a high compressive strength.  With the heavy foot traffic experienced during the political party conferences, the roof’s integrity was comprised and it soon became evident that a new system  was required.

Appreciating the challenge 

Chartered Surveyors, Barrie Vincent & Partners, were enlisted to find a durable waterproofing solution for the centre that boasted a long life span. After much research and careful consideration of offerings, Bauder was selected to deliver this project for its quality of waterproofing products and level of guarantee. Barrie Vincent recalls, "I attended a meeting of the Council at the Town Hall and remember the intense examination on my choice of preferred roof system, and the cost."

Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS) was specified for the refurbishment as it offers high tensile strength, long life expectancy and is able to withstand foot traffic and most permanently sited plant, therefore overcoming the challenges the building had experienced with the original roof system.

The guarantee 

Bauder systems are only installed by Bauder approved contractors to ensure quality. This system was installed by Gorvin Roofing to an impeccable standard. After sign-off from Bauder site technicians, this system was awarded a product, workmanship and design guarantee. Area Technical Manager for the Bournemouth area, Matt Tenison, recently revisited the BIC  and was thrilled to find the roof in great shape. "Given the roofs proximity to the sea and the fact that it has been installed for over 30 years I was impressed at the condition it was in. There was little sign of wear and tear on the roof and the building owners confirmed that the roof is still intact and keeping the elements out."
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