Intensive Green Roofs and Roof Gardens

Bauder has experience in helping design accessible roofs and roof gardens to achieve the right layout and planting choices. We make sure they remain successful landscapes for years to come.

Publicly accessed rooftops and podiums need to have high quality, reliable landscape build ups that are compatible with the robust waterproofing solutions below. What type of roofspace are you delivering? Have a look at Bauder’s options below.

  • Bedded paving

    Creating low maintenance accessible areas such as walkways, access roads and terrace spaces with container planting set atop the paving or decking for an intensive green roof finish.

  • Pedestal supported

    Flexible, lightweight solutions to give a free draining, paving or decking option above waterproofing.

  • Rubber crumb or playtop

    Landscaping with rubber crumb or playtop surfaces for regular public access and foot traffic.

  • Lawn and turfed areas

    Green roof build ups that are suitable for public access. Can be used to merge roof areas with existing landscapes.

  • Intensive Garden Landscaping

    Varying depths of intensive substrate to accommodate trees shrubs and herbaceous planting.

  • Rubber crumb or playtop

    Landscaping with rubber crumb or playtop surfaces for regular public access and foot traffic.

Why choose a roof garden from Bauder?

Other than the overall weight of the system dictating the construction of the supporting structure, there’s a huge scope for the design of a roof garden. However, it is important to establish the landscape finish you are looking to achieve, which will then have a direct impact on the system and structure to support it.

An integrated approach is crucial for the design and specification of both the waterproofing and landscaping components to achieve the best results. We will work with you from the earliest design stage to ensure that your green roof project comes to fruition beautifully.
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The GRO code

GRO LogoThe GRO code is intended to be recognised as a code of best practice and as such it should be used to guide behaviour relating togreen roof design, specification, installation and maintenance. Bauder endeavour to work in conjunction with the GRO Code of Best Practice for the UK.



Most intensive landscapes should incorporate an irrigation system, this will be vital to keep planting healthy especially where adjacent buildings cast a "rain shadow" over the planting beds.

Worth knowing...

The new lightweight soils combined with specially developed water storage and drainage components all ensure that the modern green roof can replicate a traditional landscape at roof level at only a fraction of the weight and generally with a substantially shallower build-up.

What is the Bauder green roof promise?

To give Bauder’s clients peace of mind over the long term establishment and health of their green roof, Bauder offer a Green Roof Promise which will match the duration of the underlying waterproof guarantee (see the Bauder Green Roof Promise Document).

Installation and maintenance

The maintenance of these areas is key to keeping them desirable places to be. Care should be taken to design out areas that:

  • Are likely to suffer with lack of natural light.
  • ​Areas which will be difficult to mow (close to upstands etc.)
  • Areas under overhangs where vegetation will be damaged by driplines

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our guarantees demand.
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Accreditations and associations

Take a look at our accreditations and associations including certifications, trade associations and our declaration of performance documents. 
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Contact us today about your project

Each project is unique in its requirements, but we have case studies and examples of our work available for you to look at. If you are looking for a green roof system, then get in touch with our team to discuss your project’s individual needs.