New build projects

For new build projects, almost any of Bauder's various waterproofing systems can be used, with some systems lending themselves to a particular project depending on the deck construction, durability and life expectancy to create a successful roof system for your building.

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These primary selections will determine the most appropriate solution for your project. What type of construction are you delivering?

Flat Roof

There are three main selections of waterproofing to choose using these quick links:
Lightweight and cost effective systems ►
Long-lasting robust waterproofing ►
Flame-free or cold applied systems 

Green, Landscaped or Podium Roof

The primary decision is whether the green roof is to be a publicly accessed garden, recreational space, podium, or terrace; or whether you are creating a low maintenance simply vegetated or biodiverse roof. 
Lightweight simple green roof ►
Biodiverse and habitat spaces ►
Recreational gardens ►

Balcony or Terrace

Developed for optimum aesthetic and functional requirements over most substates with two main categories of surface finish.
Decking or paving ►
Exposed finish ►

Photovoltaic energy

The BauderSOLAR solution uses highly efficient monocrystalline PV modules to maximise the power generated on the flat roof.
BauderSOLAR One ►

The Bauder service supports you in the design of a new roof, providing detail drawings, weight loadings, technical calculations, tapered insulation schemes, proposed waterproofing options and guarantee package.  The service is without charge and we work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that your roof specification meets all your needs and that of the building.

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What's your design challenge?

Weight loading restriction ►
Pedestal supported paved terrace ►
PIR insulation or an alternative? ►
Need design advice? 

The Technical Centre is a valuable resource for a wide variety of files that will support your project needs.

BIM objects & NBS specifications ►
CAD and technical drawings  ►
System summaries ►
Certification ►