Installation is almost complete on the University of Portsmouth

Installation is almost complete on the University of Portsmouth where Bauder approved contractors, Kovara Projects Ltd, have worked closely with PV installers, Ivegate Limited, to install our robust bituminous system, BTRS, along with our BioSOLAR PV system.

Our BioSOLAR system is an integrated solution for mounting photovoltaic renewable energy on a green roof or a blue roof where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism to secure the array. In this case, our WB Native Wildflower Blanket was specified to create a lightweight extensive biodiverse green roof.

A combined green roof with PV delivers advantages to the building as the cooling effect of the vegetation and water held within the green roof system preserves a cooler ambient temperature around the photovoltaic array. When an array is combined with a green roof, the panels are expected to achieve around a 5-7% higher output compared to an installation on membrane alone.

With Biodiversity net-gain and expected changes to part L both on the horizon for 2021, the University of Portsmouth’s indoor sports centre is a great example of what can be achieved.
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