How manufacturer input benefits the planning phase of a large project

Bauder is largely recognised as the leading manufacturer and supplier for flat roofing materials. But we provide more than just materials, we offer a full service starting with the design all the way through to guaranteeing the completed project. By working alongside the client on a project, Bauder can offer the support needed to gain a clear understanding into all the waterproofing systems available and the suitability of each system for different projects. When the team is involved from the initial planning stages, their input can prove extremely advantageous to ensure the quality of the finished building meets the stakeholders’ criteria.

A recent new build project based in the Midlands required a waterproofing solution for a 42,000m² flat roof area. A lightweight metal deck had been installed and the client opted for a fully mechanically restrained Bauder assembly with a polyethylene air and vapour control layer (AVCL), PIR insulation and Thermoplan FPO membrane.

Bauder site technicians, product managers and technical managers attended the site at the beginning of the project and on a weekly basis throughout the project to provide any further support the operatives. Being involved with a project from the beginning gave Bauder the opportunity to support the client with any areas that required more complex technical detailing. Drawings were produced for onsite reference.

As the sole supplier for the project, we were able to be reactive to the project’s requirements for materials by pre-planning any additional materials to be manufactured and imported to the UK from the German factories, to reduce lead times. As well as this, significant savings were passed on to the client through Bauder’s guidance towards the choice of waterproofing installation.

It is clear to see the difference made by Bauder’s involvement throughout the project. The client benefitted from being advised on the appropriate waterproofing system and fastenings to ensure longevity of the completed project with assurance from the Bauder Guarantee. The client also benefitted from reduced lead times for the materials and cost savings of using an extended Thermoplan Membrane Roll.

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