Scout Group receives new roof after vandalism

273rd Handsworth Scout Group’s roofing system had completely failed because of the vandalism caused by trespassers when climbing onto the roof. Water had penetrated through, damaging equipment in the storeroom. K Humphries & Sons installed a new waterproofing system and replaced small areas of plywood deck to restore the building.

The doors of 273rd Handsworth Scout Group were closed for two years due to the pandemic, shifting all Scouting to be carried out on Zoom, which resulted in the building being left unused. During that time, local children had been known to climb on the roof. As a result of this, the existing waterproofing system failed, and water had penetrated through the roof damaging tents, and other camping equipment in the storeroom. Given the damaged caused, this project required a full strip, with small areas of plywood deck replacement, and the wall plate refixed. 
Bauder and approved contractor, K Humphries & Sons donated and arranged installation of 80m2 of Bauderflex Bituminous System to the Scout Group’s building. This system was chosen for its durability, to survive any trespassers climbing onto the roof. New PVC fascia and GRP trims were also fitted to reduce maintenance requirements after the roof refurbishment.

To avoid storage problems on site, the building materials were delivered directly to the roofing contractor, and all materials were kept inside the Scout Hut at night ensuring nothing was left on the roof or scaffolding. K Humphries & Sons organised for the scaffolding to be taken down on the day of completion to avoid any possible situations.

Scouting evolved in the United Kingdom during the second world war, coast guards, couriers, and stretcher bearers, living up to their motto ‘Be prepared.’ This charity continues to positively contribute to the lives of young people, by providing them with challenges through adventures, so that they learn and experience new things. Refurbishing the roof meant that 273rd Handsworth Scout Group can store their equipment safely and resume their activities.

"Handsworth Scout Group would like to thank Bauder UK Ltd and K Humphries & Sons for donating materials and labour to complete our urgently needed new roof. As a charity, we rely heavily on monthly subscriptions from the young people attending Scouts. The pandemic left us unable to raise money for almost 2 years, while the necessary out goings still had to be paid. With our Storeroom roof being in urgent need of a new waterproofing system Bauder and K Humphries & Sons donated to the Scout Group a much-needed new waterproofing system to the roof. Bauder worked with us to organise materials to be delivered directly to the Roofing Contractor to avoid storage problems on site and then K Humphries organised the scaffolding to be erected on the day that they started and removal on the day of completion. The operatives on site were very friendly and carried out the necessary work and the necessary tidying up at the end of the day to ensure the working areas were clear of tools and materials. Handsworth Scout Group would like to say a big thank you."