The Annual CRASH Patron Reception 2021

On Monday 27th September, CRASH hosted their annual patrons’ reception to thank their corporate patrons for their generosity and loyalty even through the challenges that COVID-19 brought. The event was well supported and almost £200,000 has been raised throughout the year through donations, labour, materials, and expertise.

Alan Brookes, Chairman of CRASH, addressed the audience: It is extraordinary to see what we as an industry have achieved, despite the challenges of a global pandemic. CRASH and our network of Corporate Patrons have delivered 31 vital construction projects helping homelessness charities and hospices remodel and adapt their buildings. Not only to improve the essential services they offer homeless people and terminally ill children and adults, but also, in some cases making the changes necessary to allow the charities to continue their work safely during lockdowns. We can all be very proud of our work constructing places that care for people now and for many years into the future.

The Annual Patrons’ Reception is a wonderful celebration of what all our Corporate Patrons achieve in their partnership with CRASH. This collaboration is a powerful thing and helps thousands of homeless and vulnerable people and children and adults who need end of life care in a hospice. It is such a pleasure to thank and recognise our Patrons. Francesca Roberts - Chief Executive of CRASH
Congratulations to CRASH and to all Patrons in their amazing continual efforts of raising these necessary funds.
CRASH is an initiative that focuses on “creating places that care for people” by providing support to homelessness charities and hospices by connecting them to a network of companies within the construction industry that can offer expertise and products.

Bauder has been a patron for CRASH for many years and continues patronship to sustain the fantastic efforts
CRASH make to transform hostels and day centres for homeless people across the UK, as well as hospices to allow families to spend their precious last moments together. Without the funding from patron companies, CRASH wouldn’t be able to carry on helping these important construction projects.