Bauder Total Roof System PLUS

Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS) PLUS utilises the latest manufacturing technology with a dual formulation cap sheet, uniting both APP and SBS polymer bitumen modifications for strength and flexibility.

BTRS PLUS achieves a CCPI mark which recognises that any claims made about it have been independently assessed across 11 clauses, providing greater clarity by offering improved product information. This gives specifiers confidence in the knowledge that they will have unambiguous information when deciding which of our systems is best for their new build or refurbishment project.

Enhance with:
■ Green roofs   ■ Blue roofs   ■ Solar PV   ■ Biosolar PV

When to specify

BTRS PLUS is a fully bonded system designed for use in both new build and refurbishment projects within warm and inverted roof constructions with a choice of insulations.

The system incorporates BauderKARAT cap sheet and BauderTEC KSA DUO 35 self-adhesive membrane that jointly provide a waterproofing solution with a verified service life in excess of 35 years. When a green roof is specified the BauderSMARAGD root resistant cap sheetis incorporated and our Bauder Total Green Roof System Plus (BTGRS PLUS) is formed.

Plus points

■□ Two-layer 8.7mm combined waterproofing.
■□ APP/SBS dual modified bitumen 5.2mm cap sheet with glass-polyester composite reinforcement. 
SBS modified elastomeric bitumen, used on the underside, provides flexibility to cope with European climatic extremes of between -40°C to +150°C. Tested to EN 1109 & EN 1110 and stated on the BBA certificate.
APP modified bitumen, used for the upper coating, offers a life expectancy in excess of 35 years according to section 12 of the BBA certificate.
■□ Incorporates self-adhesive membranes.
■□ Safe2Torch detailing design.
■□ Comprehensive range of guarantee packages to fulfil cover requirements for the project (dependant on system/product selection). For more information contact our technical dept for a sample guarantee outlining cover level, terms and conditions.

Verified properties

CCPI Verification 0007700016/1025:
■□ This systems CCPI mark provides accuracy of data delivering assurance to specifiers. 

BBA Certificate 10/4744:
■□ Fire classification BROOF(t4) to BS EN 13501-5 tested to TS 1187 test 4 for external fire exposure on defined permutations of product build up.
■□ Fire properties – membranes deemed “unrestricted” in certain circumstances as categorised in BBA certificate.
■□ Service life > 35 years.
EPD Certification:
■□ Bitumen Membranes.
■□ PU Insulation - Aluminium Facing.
■□ BauderROCK Insulation.
■□ BauderGLAS insulation.


  Function Product name Thickness
1 Cap sheet BauderKARAT Charcoal grey (Shown)
BauderSMARAGD (specified for green roofs)
5.2 6.0
2 Underlayer BauderTEC KSA DUO 35 3.5 4.0
3 Insulation (0.15) BauderPIR FA-TE (Shown) 140  4.2
  Warm roof insulation options BauderPIR FA tapered
BauderROCK flatboard
BauderROCK tapered
variable variable
  Inverted roof insulation options for inverted roof constructions BauderJFRI
variable variable
Bauder PU Tin Adhesive nominal 0.16
4 Air and vapour
control layer
BauderTEC KSD FBS 2.5 2.5
  Primer Varies depending upon
substrate type - please refer
to specification
nominal nominal
System build-up 151.2 16.86
In-depth and up-to-date product specific technical data is available for each element within a system.
Download from our technical-centre

Cap sheet colours

BauderKARAT, the capping sheet used in the BTRS PLUS system, is Charcoal Grey, providing a clean finish for your flat roof project. BauderSMARAGD is a root resistant cap sheet used for application in green and blue systems as part of the Bauder Total Green Roof System PLUS (BTGRS PLUS). BauderSMARAGD has a green-white finish.

  BauderKARAT     BauderSMARAGD
  Charcoal Grey          Green-white

Approvals, certifications and guarantee

■□ Comprehensive range of guarantee packages to fulfil cover requirements for the project (dependant on system/product
      selection). For more information contact our technical department for a sample guarantee outlining cover level, terms
      and conditions.
■□ CCPI Verification Number 0007700016/1025 for Bauder Total Roof System PLUS.
■□ Added to BBA Certificate 10/4744 for Bauder Total Roof System.
■□ BS EN 13707 - Reinforced Bitumen Membrane Sheets Compliant.
■□ S5, P5 in BS8747:2007 UK guide for reinforced bitumen membranes.
■□ BS EN ISO 140 - 18:2006 system tested for sound intensity on metal deck.
■□ Fire classification BROOF(t4) to BS EN 13501-5 tested to TS 1187 for external fire exposure to roofs for defined 
      permutations as stated on the BBA certificate and deemed 'unrestricted' (low vulnerability) and suitable for use on any          part of a roof. 
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Installation & maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.
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Torch-free detailing methods

Safe2Torch industry initiativeOur torch-free detail design specifically delivers secure safe application techniques in the vicinity of combustible construction materials located on, or connected to, the roof. This includes timber substrates or upstands; abutments to cladding, roof tiles, slates or thatch; or even debris such as dry leaf material that is at risk of ignition. The application methods meet NFRC Guidance Document 'Safe2Torch'.
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