Biosolar photovoltaic mounting system

BauderSOLAR G LIGHT is an integrated solar PV mounting system specifically for Bauder biodiverse or extensive green roofs.

When to specify...

Our Biosolar system is an integrated solution for mounting photovoltaic renewable energy on a green roof or a blue roof where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism to secure the array. The system is suitable for both new build construction and retrofit projects. This system allows for the entire roof area to qualify as a green roof, and if a biodiversity vegetation finish is elected for, this can further enhance the BREEAM credit rating for the roof element.

Key features

■□ No roof penetrations as substrate and vegetation ballast the PV array.
■□ Maximises solar output and allows entire roof to qualify as biodiverse green roof.
■□ Maximises solar energy generation as green roof preserves ambient rooftop temperatures, keeping the modules
      at optimal output. The cooling effect increases panel output by up to 5%.
■□ Raised modules allow light and moisture under the panels and the creation of a variety of habitats supporting a
      greater range of plant species and small invertebrates.
■□ Single point responsibility for the waterproofing, green roof and PV installation.
■□ Increased module space between substrate and panels reduce risk of panel damage during green roof maintenance.


■□ Where a green roof and solar are required BioSolar allows the whole roof area to be vegetated as well as maximising
      PV output.
■□ Allows easy maintenance beneath front end of modules where vegetation is likely to be strongest and cause shading.
■□ The Flora 3 seedmix is specifically designed to work beneath the PV modules.
■□ A cost-effective solution when comparing against mechanically fixed installations.
■□ No additional ballast needed.


  Function Product name Thickness
1 BauderSOLAR DSE 40
Anchor board
Modified DSE40 drainage board installed above base rails to ballast the mounting system 1040 x 2030  
2 BauderSOLAR BS-4 or BauderSOLAR BS-2
Base Rail
Powder coated steel base rail installed on protection layer and beneath DSE40 Anchor board 3994 (BS-4) or 1994 (BS-2) x 36 x 72  
Module carrier rail
Powder coated steel profile rail to support framed solar modules 4700 x 61.9 x 47.5  
4 BauderSOLAR VT 745 BauderSOLAR VT 545
Pre-assembled V-shaped module carrier rail support manufactured from powder coated steel L 745 x 399 x 54 S 545 x 343 x 54  
Diagonal profile
Support rail to add rigidity to mounting system—Powder coated steel 1245 x 30 x 15  
6 & 7 BauderSOLAR MKL (mid) or BauderSOLAR EKL (End) Mid and end pre-assembled module clamps n/a  
8 Module rail end cap Polypropylene end cap to protect module mounting rail ends n/a  
9 Solar module Framed crystalline solar photovoltaic module Variable  
Total system weight kg/m²   176kg/m²
In-depth and up-to-date product specific technical data is available for each element within a system.
Download from our technical-centre

Recommended planting mix: BauderGREEN Flora Seed Mixes



Approvals, certification and guarantees

■□ System has NHBC approval.
■□ Comprehensive range of guarantee packages to fulfil cover requirements for the project (dependant on system/product
      selection). For more information contact our technical department for a sample guarantee outlining cover level, terms
​      and conditions.
■□ Meets all relevant EU standards.

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Environmental credentials

■□ Entire roof qualifies as biodiverse green roof.
■□ Uses 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) base board.
■□ Enhances biodiversity of green roof.
■□ Renewable energy generation.

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Installation and maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our guarantees demand.
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Each project is unique in its requirements, but we have case studies and examples of our work available for you to look at. If you are looking for a biosolar roof system, then get in touch with our team to discuss your project’s individual needs.