Turnkey Service

Your project is important to us and our service is dedicated to providing a photovoltaic solution that fully understands all the individual issues of the project and answers the waterproofing needs of the building, as well as any green roof requirements.


Brief and consultation

You give us your remit either at your office or on site. We will discuss the roofing project, your budget and how the programme of works can be formulated to maximise your benefits from the use of PV.

Design and specification service

You will receive the detailed specification package for your project, which answers your brief and includes a technical layout of the PV units and system engineering.

Grid connections and funding options

Our in depth understanding of energy efficiency funding can help you find the financial package that best suits your circumstances. We can help size the array for optimum return on investment based on electricity consumption data supplied, and assist with necessary paperwork to register the solar installation with the national electricity network.

Contractor selection

Your Bauder technical manager will assist in the selection of appropriate contractors who are approved in the installation of Bauder’s various roof and PV systems. Once the contractor has been appointed, a pre-contract meeting will make sure the project delivery is well coordinated. The works are closely monitored by Bauder site technicians with regular inspections to ensure quality and waterproof integrity of the final scheme.

Sign off and guarantee

A full final inspection is undertaken by the Bauder PV team on completion of the works with the energy performance of the array assessed. Our comprehensive range of guarantee packages fulfil cover requirements for the project (dependant on system/product selection). For more information contact our technical department for a sample guarantee outlining cover level, terms and conditions.

Monitoring and maintenance

Proactive monitoring systems enable us to ensure the maximum possible energy generation and financial return over the system’s lifespan, and to identify faults or maintenance requirements remotely. After the project has been successfully completed Bauder can continue to support you with aftercare advice and post occupancy evaluation.

Our service is simple and professional giving you the best possible technical support for each and every photovoltaic project. You give us your remit then together we will discuss how the programme of works can be formulated. We will perform an appraisal of your roof and you will receive the detailed survey report. We can then determine which solution best matches your requirements and once the Bauder approved contractor has been appointed the works begin. All work is closely monitored by our site technicians to ensure quality and the guarantee is only issued upon a final inspection.  

PV partners - assuring quality

We provide the ultimate solution for our clients through our partnerships with JA Solar and LG as we trust their uncompromising quality standards to ensure that every module produced delivers the same quality output and high efficiency. It is all too common that performance and quality can frequently vary dramatically between/amongst manufacturers, even if the same cells are used and the modules appear to be similar; and so it becomes increasingly apparent that the superiority and reliability of the manufacturer is far more important than selecting modules by output statements alone. Our ethos is to work so that every Bauder installation is as good as the next.

Contact us today about your project

Each project is unique in its requirements, but we have case studies and examples of our work available to help guide you. If you are looking for a specific roof system, then get in touch with our team to discuss your project’s individual needs.

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