BauderBLUE is Architects Choice in Ireland

Bauder has won the prestigious Architects Choice Award for Best Exterior Product at the Building and Architecture Expo in Dublin. The award, voted for by Architects, went to BauderBLUE, the newly launched solution for sustainable drainage in flood sensitive areas.
The continued expansion of towns and cities has resulted in the increased use of impervious surfaces which slows the natural drainage of rainwater. In storm conditions, this results in standing water and flash flooding, costing businesses and local authorities millions of pounds. The introduction of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) legislation requires architects to incorporate a sustainable drainage solution in construction designs planned for built up areas.

The most practical and economical solution is to install a rooftop attenuation system. By managing rainwater at source, designers avoid costly underground systems and have the opportunity to enhance the building and surrounding area with functional spaces such as terraces, gardens or biodiverse habitats. 

Bauder has originated a Blue Roof System which will simultaneously attenuate heavy rainfall and manage its discharge over a 12-24-hour period. This limits water egress to 5-10 litres per second per hectare, the same flow rates for regional greenfield sites. Each BauderBLUE roofing solution is unique, as calculations for the flow restrictor are specific to each project to ensure that the water run off during storm conditions meets drainage requirements of local planning authorities whilst controlling the time it takes to disperse the water.

Chris Roddick, green and blue roof product manager at Bauder, said about the award: ‘We are thrilled to have our pro-active work recognised by the judges of the Architects Choice Award at the expo last week. Using rooftop and podium solutions will address the excess water issue at source by providing the necessary drainage to ensure structural integrity along with regulation compliance and optimal waterproofing’