Solar energy for sustainability

A flat roof is the ideal place for a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation as it provides an unobstructed space that is perfectly positioned to catch as much sunlight as possible and the electrical production from the installed PV array converts your roof in to a small power plant.
Our photovoltaic solutions are specifically designed to deliver the most efficient energy generation solution on flat and green roofs. Our systems are designed to ensure the waterproofing system beneath remains completely intact and without compromise, which can occur when mechanical fixing methods are used that penetrate the roof.

The entire installation process of both of our photovoltaic systems is quick and simple and only our approved contractors, engineers and installers are fully trained and certified to install our unified rooftop solutions. Through our systems we guarantee the entire specified roof package rather than a separate element, giving single source point of contact and responsibility to reduce risk.



What panels (modules) do we use?
  • BauderSolar mounting systems are universal and can be used with the vast majority of solar modules on the market
  • Our standard module partners are:
    • JA Solar
    • Sunpower
    • LG
What size are the modules? 
o    BauderSolar 1kWp = approx. 8sqm of ‘clear’ roofspace.
o    BioSolar – 1kWp = approx 10sqm of ‘clear’ roofspace
▪    NB – a 250sqm roof will not provide 25kWp due to avoidance of perimeter windload zones/SVPs/shading of parapets etc