Solar energy for sustainability

Not surprisingly, a flat roof is the ideal place for a solar PV installation as it provides an unobstructed space that is perfectly positioned to catch as much sunlight as possible and the electrical production from the installed PV array converts your roof in to a small power plant.
Our photovoltaic solutions are specifically designed to deliver the most efficient energy generation solution on flat and green roofs. Our systems are designed to ensure the waterproofing system beneath remains completely intact and without compromise, which can occur when mechanical fixing methods are used that penetrate the roof. The entire installation process of both of our photovoltaic systems is quick and simple and only our approved contractors, engineers and installers are fully trained and certified to install our unified rooftop solutions. Through our systems we guarantee the entire specified roof package rather than a separate element, giving single source point of contact and responsibility to reduce risk.


Our BauderSOLAR flat roof PV solution is suitable for new build and retrofit projects and features a mounting system that is secured to the roof using membrane-tomembrane welding techniques on our bituminous or single ply waterproofing. The modules are positioned at a 12° angle to maximise energy generation and can be installed in both south facing and east/west orientations pending on site requirements.


Bauder BioSOLAR for Green and Blue Roofs with Vegetation

Bauder BioSOLAR is a unified solution for mounting solar PV arrays where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballast to secure the array. The combination of systems and the height at which the panels are positioned allow for vegetation to establish across the entire roof area helping the building achieve enhanced BREEAM ratings and meet planning targets.

PV Partners – Assuring Quality

We provide the ultimate solution for our clients through our partnerships with JA Solar and LG as we trust their uncompromising quality standards to ensure that every module produced delivers the same quality output and high efficiency. It is all too common that performance and quality can frequently vary dramatically between/amongst manufacturers, even if the same cells are used and the modules appear to be similar; and so it becomes increasingly apparent that the superiority and reliability of the manufacturer is far more important than selecting modules by output statements alone. Our ethos is to work so that every Bauder installation is as good as the next.



What panels (modules) do we use?
  • BauderSolar mounting systems are universal and can be used with the vast majority of solar modules on the market
  • Our standard module partners are:
    • JA Solar
    • Sunpower
    • LG