Bauder launches new green roof products at London Build

Bauder launched two new products in their green roof system offering at London build 2018. The native Wildflower blanket and substrate Sedum blanket utilise a jute matting which is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The latest additions to Bauder’s green roof product line are the Wildflower blanket (WB) and Substrate Sedum blanket (SB) for lightweight, extensive green roof projects. Whilst the new blankets still follow Bauder’s high quality standards for the maturity and vegetation cover of the blanket, they now use a jute carrier. This plant fibre layer will breakdown completely, making the blankets 100% biodegradable. This progression of our current blankets is lighter and quicker to establish. Using the jute carrier greatly reduces the environmental footprint of the roof and also the cost of the scheme.

The natural fibres in the jute matting actively encourage new roots to grow down and through the fibres, these then root quickly into the Bauder FLL Compliant Substrates, dramatically improving the establishment times for the vegetation. The use of products made from plant fibres provide a strong root structure, with many nurseries growing plugs and seedlings in fibre mediums as oppose to a soil or peat based growing mediums.

Reducing the weight of the blanket was also greatly helped by the use of the special Jute carrier. The strong bond created by the roots growing into the fibrous strands of the jute means that the blanket requires less growing medium and thus allows the blanket to be lighter and easier to handle.

Bauder have evaluated the establishment process for green roof vegetation on substrates, key requirements are for the product to be quick to establish, lightweight, easy to handle and as environmentally green as possible.

For more information on Bauder’s green roof solutions, visit the green roof section of ourwebsite