WB native wildflower blanket biodiverse green roof

When to specify...

Lightweight extensive biodiverse green roof vegetation blanket providing instant greening of a roof with a mixture of 24 species of wildflowers.  The blanket is installed on 80mm of substrate and meets the growing demand for native species vegetation to satisfy the requirements of BREEAM or a biodiversity strategy.

Key features

•  Fully FLL and GRO compliant systems
•  Buglife approved
•  Low system weight typically circa 160kg/m2
•  Height of system typically 170-220mm
•  13.5 Ltr of water retention within drainage board
•  Provides valuable ecological habitats
•  24 species of native wildflowers within the blanket meet BREEAM


•  Instant visual effect from pre-grown blanket
•  Assists in meeting a BAP
•  Improves SUDs capacity of the roof
•  Environmentally friendly peat free product
•  System helps mitigate flooding