WB native wildflower blanket biodiverse green roof

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Lightweight extensive biodiverse green roof vegetation blanket providing instant greening of a roof with a mixture of 36 species of wildflowers. The blanket is typically installed on 100mm of Bauder's Biodiverse substrate and meets the growing demand for native species vegetation to satisfy the requirements of BREEAM or a biodiversity strategy.

1 WB wildflower blanket (mixture of 36 species of wildflower + 4 grass species) 36 species of native wildflower in a vegetation blanket.
Biodiverse substrate (FLL and GRO compliant) Lightweight growing medium manufactured to FLL guidelines.
Filter fleece Polypropylene fleece to prevent substrate fines from entering the drainage element.
DSE 40 water retention and drainage layer Multi-functional water storage and drainage layer.
5 FSM 600 protection layer Protection layer to prevent mechanical damage to the waterproofing system.
Bauder waterproofing Shown here with Plant E root resistant, SBS modified bitumen membrane reinforced with 250g/m² recycled spunbond polyester. 

Key features

•  Fully FLL and GRO compliant systems
•  Buglife approved
•  Low system weight typically circa 160kg/m2
•  Height of system typically 170-220mm
•  13.5 Ltr of water retention within drainage board
•  Provides valuable ecological habitats
•  24 species of native wildflowers within the blanket meet BREEAM


•  Instant visual effect from pre-grown blanket
•  Assists in meeting a BAP
•  Improves SUDs capacity of the roof
•  Environmentally friendly peat free product
•  System helps mitigate flooding