Thermofol PVC System

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The Thermofol PVC System has a high grade virgin polymer formulation with superior fire retardants that is suitable for either new build or refurbishment projects. The PVC formulation ensures it is resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack making it ideal for green roof situations. The system meets current UK Building Regulations Part B for External Fire Protection.

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Mechanically Fixed


Key features

•  Membrane with high tensile strength of 1100N/50mm.
•  High quality polymers ensure membrane stays flexible at -30°C.
•  Formulation resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack.
•  Flame-free installation using hot air welding.
•  High performance halogen-free fire retardant.


•  Membrane is resistant to tears and punctures.
•  Resistant to European climate conditions.
•  Approved for green roof landscaping by FLL.
•  Avoids inherent risks of using naked flame.

Approvals, certification and guarantee

•  Comprehensive range of guarantees for this system.
•  BBA Certificate 06/4354
•  FM Approved.
•  Meets current Building Regulations for fire performance and our BBA certificate states, “the membranes will enable a roof to be unrestricted under the Building Regulations”, which confirms they are appropriate for use on any part of a roof.  Fire rating explained ►
•  DD ENV 1187:2002 & DIN16 734 European Standard Fire Exposure.
•  Certified under FLL guidelines for root resistance.

Environmental credentials

•  Bauder insulation is CFC and HCFC free with zero ODP.
•  BRE Green Guide Generic A Rating (A+ to E scale) for PIR insulation.
•  Recycled PVC membranes are converted into other components.

Installation and maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.

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Membrane colours

Bauder Thermofol is available in these colours.

Light Grey - RAL 7035  Blue Grey - RAL 7031  Anthracite - RAL 7016 

Technical downloads

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