NBS Construction Leaders’ Summit 2023

The Technical Director, PV Product Manager and Area Technical Manager for Bauder were invited to present at the NBS Construction Leaders' Summit 2023. They were asked to provide a manufacturer's perspective on creating a flat roof specification within a fast-changing market, as the pressures of the climate change agenda and net-zeo targets heighten.
Nigel Blacklock, technical director, Tom Raftery, PV product manager and sustainability lead, and Andy Leggett, area technical manager presented ‘Getting the specification right’ at the NBS Construction Leaders' Summit 2023. In turn, Tom discussed ‘WHY a sustainable roof?’  Andy presented ‘HOW you specify Bauder in NBS’ and Nigel explained ‘WHAT product information you can rely on.’
Tom began the presentation by discussing how carbon is a hot topic and is addressed in most of his conversations, although he argued that carbon is only one element that must be addressed. The complexity of the agenda focused on the carbon impact of our products, circular economy, waste, water and biodiversity. Tom explained how robust product information and environmental product declarations (EPD) are an important place to start.
Tom continued to explain that a flat roof is more than just a watertight solution, a roof can be enhanced to help achieve goals such as net-zero and biodiversity. This can be achieved by upgrading insulation, adding SuDs for water management, installing Solar PV for natural energy generation, and incorporating a green roof.
Andy presented on how to create a specification within NBS Chorus, highlighting the complexity of writing specifications in an ever-changing market. He explained how Bauder approached NBS to ask for support with creating Uniclass specifications and how to safely transfer them to the clients NBS Chorus Platform.  Learn how to build a project specification with Bauder on NBS Chorus >>
Nigel presented building safety and the verification process which delays bringing products to market, touching on the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI). CCPI creates a level playing field for all manufacturers, as information must be trusted, and meet the five-set challenges which are:
  1. Clear
  2. Accurate
  3. Up to date
  4. Accessible
  5. Unambiguous
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