Generating a project specification with Bauder on NBS Chorus

We work with building designers to create Bauder flat roof specifications directly within the NBS Chorus platform, allowing us to safely deliver the specification with all associated clauses into a subfolder for your project; including detailed execution clauses identifying precisely how the system should be installed.

What is NBS Source and NBS Chorus?

Bauder is present on NBS Source providing product and system information to specification writers including product data sheets, third party certificates e.g., BBA and EPD certificates, case studies and digital objects. Our product information pages are regularly reviewed by our technical team to ensure that they adhere to CCPI rules, which is indicated on NBS by a colour coded reference that identifies how recently the information was reviewed.

NBS Source is integrated with NBS Chorus, a cloud-based specification writing platform for the construction industry. The platform has various features to help create technical specifications, allowing users to write specifications in Uniclass and more traditional CAWS classification.

Why work with Bauder to create specifications on NBS Chorus?

Our knowledgeable NBS Champions can work directly on flat roof specifications with specifiers through NBS Chorus. Specifiers invite Bauder Champions to join their projects within their own platform, preferably by setting up a separate sub-folder and granting access to that specific location where the roof specification is to be stored. This means that specifications can be safely transferred by Bauder without any risk to client’s main specification. There are various access permissions in place for the specification, including read-only, contributor or administrator to ensure the right people have access the relevant areas. Once the Bauder NBS Champion has completed their part of the specification, the specifier can change the access permissions accordingly.

The NBS Chorus specification provided by Bauder is project specific, meets all current industry standards, contains Bauder product technical data and includes Bauder specific execution clauses providing extra information beyond the standard NBS format detailing exactly how our products and systems should be installed.

Plus points

■□ Specifications can be created faster than using Microsoft Word documents or other software.
■□ Ability to invite multiple users from external organisations to develop and collaborate on project specifications together, saving time.
■□ Allows a connective workflow with effective communication.
■□ Cloud based platform, allowing the user to work on a PC, Mac, or smartphone.
■□ Bauder has its own licences for the NBS Chorus Platform, allowing our NBS Champions to create our own project  specific specifications without needing to access the client’s platform at that time.

Andrew Leggett, Bauder Area Technical Manager and NBS Champion, explains how Bauder's extended technical service offering on NBS Chorus can benefit our clients.

Testimonial from Richard Carr, Principal Architectural Designer, Concertus

“Our Bauder Chorus Champion, Andy, and the team at Bauder have really embraced NBS Chorus and it has significantly improved the way we specify with them on projects. NBS Chorus has provided us with a shared platform to collaborate with manufacturers like Bauder to ensure we have the most up-to-date product information, and our specifications reflect the design intent as the project evolves.”

Discuss your project
Contact us to discuss your project and start the first steps towards generating a specification on NBS Chorus. We will get you connected to your relevant Bauder NBS Champion to begin the collaboration.