Bauder’s initiative to help combat loneliness

On Wednesday 11th of May, the Bauder team participated in the Reach Out Day initiative. This involved either picking up their phones or moving from their desks to reach out to someone for Mental Health Awareness Week.
They may have chosen to reach out to someone they spoke to everyday, or to catch up with someone they haven’t spoken to in a while, or even use this as an opportunity to speak to someone new. The aim was to ask how they really are feeling.

Statistics state that one in four of us feel lonely sometimes or all the time, that is why we are trying to help end the stigma of loneliness. Most of us will experience loneliness at some point in our lives, and a conversation could transform someone’s day for the better.

Here are some strategies recommended by the Mental Health Foundation:
  • Try to do some enjoyable things that will keep you busy – small activities that you find fun or fulfilling can give you energy and positive feelings.
  • Try to do things that stimulate your mind - This can include listening to podcasts on your chosen topics.
  • Think about doing a physical activity – Whether you choose having a stroll through the park or dancing around your living room.
  • Try to engage with the people you meet in your daily life – Even it is catching someone’s eye and saying “hi” as you walk along can make you feel better.
  • Find people that ‘get you’ - It may feel difficult to connect with others when you’re feeling lonely. Interacting with others that may be feeling the same can give you a sense of belonging.
More information can be found here, this includes how to support others if they are feeling lonely. Let’s combat loneliness together.