SCHLOSS Roxburghe Hotel Extension

BauderThermofol Single Ply and  BauderFLEX bituminous waterproofing systems


A luxury 5* hotel located in countryside of the Scottish borders built in the 19th century, underwent a refurbishment when added to Hyatt's prestigious portfolio. The extension features 58 stylish apartments, a high tech meeting and events space and wellness centre with spa.

Bauder Building Board

Project: SCHLOSS Roxburge Hotel Extension
Location: Kelso, Scotland
Waterproofing: BauderThermofol PVC single ply waterproofing system
Bauderflex bituminous waterproofing system
Bauder Total Green Roof System (BTGRS)
Project type: New build
Roof size: 2046m²
Specifier: Ian Springford Architects
Main Contractor: Sharkey Group
Approved contractor: Pinnacle Roofing 

The specification
The client required a waterproofing system that provided various finishes. Bauderflex was installed on the Energy Centre roof and the BauderThermofol Single Ply Waterproofing System was installed across the rest of the new building.  

To comply with the Scottish building regulations, three different calculations were carried out to achieve specific U-values. One calculation was to achieve 0.18 and some areas with 0.16 with tapered insulation.

The external planter area was designed to be buried; therefore the Bauder Total Green Roof waterproofing system was most suited to this area.


Products applied
This single ply membrane is lightweight and has a high-grade virgin polymer formulation. The PVC formulation ensures it is resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack.

Project challenges
Falls were created using tapered insulation schemes as opposed to being incorporated within the buildings structure. This project paused for around 12 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, during that time the client’s requirements changed therefore the tapered insulation design had to be revised multiple times to accommodate.

The result
Working with Architect, Main Contractor and Approved Contractor to ensure a successful installation of three waterproofing systems across the hotel extension. Bauder provided various calculations and designs, along with site monitoring and continued project support with throughout to ensure the project would be completed to the highest standard.
Systems installed

BauderTHERMOFOL PVC single ply waterproofing system

1 BauderTHERMOFOL U 15 V FR 1.5mm thick, reinforced PVC waterproofing membrane. Stated within BBA certificate 06/4354, the BauderTHERMOFOL PVC waterproofing membranes have a service life in excess of 35 years. 
2 Bauder PIR M Tissue-faced flat board insulation.
3 BauderTEC KSD FBS 2.5mm depth, self-adhesive air & vapour control layer with a mica finish.

Bauderflex bituminous waterproofing system

1 BauderFLEX K4E A torch applied SBS elastomeric bitumen capping sheet, featuring spunbond polyester reinforcement to allow the finished product to cope with structural movement without fracture.
2 BauderTEC Sprint DUO A self-adhesive elastomeric bitumen underlayer with DUO lap technology. This product has a glass fleece reinforcement feature for stability and strength.
3 BauderPIR FA-TE Rigid flatboard insulation.
4 BauderTHERM DS 1 DUO A self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen air and vapour control layer (AVCL) with patented “DUO” lap technology to ensure thorough sealing of lap joints, even in lower temperatures.

Bauder Total Green Roof System (BTGRS)

1 BauderPLANT E A torch-applied, root resistant capping sheet. The product features chemically treated bitumen to deliver superior root resistance which has been tested and approved by the FLL. The membrane is reinforced with 250g/m² spunbond polyester fleece
2 BauderTEC KSA DUO A self-adhesive bitumen underlayer with “DUO” lap technology to ensure thorough sealing of lap joints, even in lower temperatures. 
3 BauderPIR FA-TE Flatboard insulation used on the lantern roof area to deliver U-value of 0.15W/m²K. 
4 BauderTEC KSD FBS A self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen air & vapour control layer, with a mica finished upper surface to allow easy bonding of insulation using the specified Bauder insulation adhesive.