Smart Systems

BauderTHERMOFOL PVC single ply waterproofing system 


Smart Systems Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of architectural aluminium systems have a 60,000m² hi-tech manufacturing facility in Bristol. When conducting a roof survey and condition report, a variety of integrity issues were identified relating to the failing membrane, manifesting themselves with obvious signs of visible water damage.

Bauder was instructed by CY Associates (agent and consultancy providing sales and technical marketing consulting solutions in the specialist roofing and facades sector) on behalf of Smart Systems. They were asked to propose a new waterproofing solution to the warehouse and office roof areas. The works needed to be completed within a 7-month time period.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Smart System Ltd
Location: Yatton, Bristol
Project type: Refurbishment
Roof size: 12,492m²
Specifier: CY Associates
Approved contractor: Central Roofing and Building Services Limited

The specification

Originally the plan with this project was to strip back to the original metal deck, but a core roof sample revealed 60mm EPS (polystyrene) insulation had been laid over the profiled steel. As polystyrene is difficult to recycle and takes around 500 years to decompose once in landfill, therefore the environmental impact of disposing around 140 skips of waste was brought to attention. After a full assessment of the fire risk given the existing EPS is above the metal deck, it was found that overlaying the existing roof was within the current building regulations. It was decided that the BauderTHERMOFOL PVC system would overlay the pre-existing roof, to eliminate the disposal of such a large quantity of polystyrene.


Products applied

BauderTHERMOFOL PVC system
This single ply membrane is lightweight and has a high-grade virgin polymer formulation. The PVC formulation ensures it is resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack.

Project challenges

The manufacturing plant and warehouse had to remain functional throughout the roof refurbishment, which posed a challenge. At the time of the project, Smart Systems were driving through an efficiency programme to cut to the lead times of its products to market. The client’s main priority was to ensure their materials could be exported from the loading bays 24/7, whilst keeping the building dry.

It was crucial that there was minimal disruption to the building while the roofing works were being carried out. Bauder approved contractors accomplished this as staff arrived to site early in the morning, or late at night and weekends to avoid any distraction, to keep everyone safe and solve challenges outside of staff shift times.

The staff and logistics carpark on-site had to remain fully functional, therefore a piecemeal approach was taken for the delivery of the Bauder products. Clear and organised communication between the supplier and contractor was crucial as the products were going to have to be delivered in separate stages, rather than being planned and done as a whole. The client's were delighted that there was no disruption to their performance or logistics. 

The rooflights installed were long, modular units 50 metres long so installation was a challenge. Central Roofing had to mount them throughout variable weather conditions including rain showers. Taking into account the challenge of changing spring-time weather, Central Roofing created a temporary sheet covering, to create a showerproof area for installation when rainfall occurred.

The result

Throughout the seven months of work on site, high-quality standards were maintained by Central Roofing with their on-site Supervisor and regular visits from their Contracts Manager, and Central’s in-house QHSE Manager. Any issues identified were addressed quickly and efficiently at the time ensuring quality throughout the project was constantly monitored.
This was also reinforced by the regular visits from Bauder’s technical site inspection team, who produced weekly reports on the quality of work and showed a detailed report to the client on progress, quality and workmanship. This weekly report was included in the client’s final O&M Manual so they held a comprehensive record of exactly how the roof covering was constructed at each stage throughout the project.
The surface of the roof was kept clean and tidy at all times throughout the project. This helped to avoid any material being left that could have caused damage to the new membrane, or any fixings or sharp objects being stepped on, in areas that had been completed.
The intricate detailing around the steel support posts was completed to a very high standard utilising Bauder’s pre-made corners, to leave the client with both a well-sealed and aesthetically pleasing finish. Upon completion of the roof covering and prior to handover with the client, a full electronic test of the roof was carried out to ensure there were no faults in the membrane surface.

System installed

BauderTHERMOFOL PVC single ply waterproofing system



A 1.5mm thick, reinforced PVC waterproofing membrane. Stated within BBA certificate 06/4354, the BauderTHERMOFOL PVC waterproofing membranes have a service life in excess of 35 years. 

2 BauderPIR FA

Foil-faced flat board insulation, benefitting from a zero ODP and a Green guide rating of ‘A’.


A 2.5mm depth, self-adhesive air & vapour control layer with a mica finish.


Jim Marshall, Bauder Site Technician:
“Regular site visits are essential to ensure the installation of the roof system meets the requirements outlined within the specification. The number of operatives on site and the speed of progress dictated that a visit was needed once a week to ensure the workmanship met Bauder standards. Visiting the site frequently meant that any queries, installation issues, or unforeseen problems could be resolved quickly and efficiently. The communication between the roofing contractor and Bauder was excellent, good communication is crucial and plays a big part in the success of an installation.”

James Broady, Central Group Managing Director:
This project really demonstrates how beneficial it can be to consider the benefits of local contractor, with high standards of flexibility and workmanship - as well as functionality - when specifying and installing a roofing system.”