The project

During the recent regeneration in and around Birmingham, innovation has been a key factor; a theme optimised by the redevelopment of the Dunlop Tyres warehouse which has been transformed into 45,000m² of office space and a 6,000m² hotel.

Practical challenges such as the reduction of noise pollution and maximising the building’s lifespan were all met by the Bauder Total Green Roof System with an extensive landscaping of sedum. The planting scheme provided instant coverage as the sedum was laid as pre-cultivated vegetation mats.

Green roofs have excellent acoustic qualities for both external sound (up to 3dB) and internal noise (up to 8dB). This proved essentially in the selection of the Xero Flor blanket due to the proximity of Fort Dunlop to Birmingham Airport.

The entire solution provided a watertight installation in conjunction with a 20-year guarantee whilst making the structure both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Fort Dunlop
Investor: Urban Splash
Place: Birmingham
Area Size: 7,100m2
Architect: Shed KM
Contractor: James M Green Company Limited

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