Key Theatre

Bauder Total Green Roof System (BTGRS) with BauderSOLAR


The Key Theatre in Peterborough’s city centre combined Bauder’s reinforced bitumen membrane waterproofing system and sedum blanket green roof finish with a photovoltaic solution. The PV array maximised the assigned roof area with 290wp modules inclined at a 10° angle for optimum energy generation per square metre and reduced wind load impact. The PV panels deliver 15.7% efficiency for a powerful and reliable solution.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Key Theatre, Peterborough
Client: Enterprise Peterborough
Building Owner: Peterborough City Council
Roof Area: 350 m²
Roofing Contractor: M&J Flat Roofing
PV and Electrical Installer: CJ Electrical Limited

Products applied

An innovative photovoltaic system that does not require any drilling of the deck or ballast to install the substructures and modules.

The result

The green roof system comprised a warm roof construction with an efficient PIR insulation, 27 PV modules were installed with an expected energy generation of 6.5 MWh. The project delivered entirely to the client’s aspiration - a comprehensive sustainable solution to maximise the environmental benefits of the roof.

System installed

Bauder Total Green Roof System (BTGRS)


1 BauderPLANT E 42 Green, torch-on root-resistant capping sheet. The product features chemically treated bitumen to deliver superior root resistance which has been tested and approved by the FLL.
2 BauderTEC KSA DUO 35 A technically advanced self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen underlayer with “DUO” lap technology to ensure thorough sealing of lap joints, even in lower temperatures.
3 BauderPIR FA-TE An efficient PIR insulation board with aluminium foil facing on both sides. The top facing features a printed grid pattern to aid site cutting. It is lightweight and has zero ozone depletion potential.
4 BauderTEC KSD FBS A self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen air & vapour control layer, with a mica finish.



Mike Phillips, council's contract manager:
Because Bauder was already the supplier for the building’s waterproofing membrane, it made sense to source its PV system. We were going to get a Bauder warranty at the end of the roofing works and we didn’t want to compromise that by using a frame PV system and drilling through the waterproofing.”