Morris Blitz Court

Bauder LiquiTEC cold applied liquid waterproofing system


Morris Blitz Court is a residential housing estate in Hackney that has undergone an extensive amount of refurbishment works as part of the Decent Homes Programme. Included within the approved scheme was the renovation of all of the building’s balconies and walkways, as well as the transformation of the 1,000m2 concrete podium deck located above the car park into an aesthetically pleasing social space.

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Morris Blitz Court​



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The specification

Various waterproofing options were explored by the client, however, it was decided that the Bauder cold applied liquid systems would be the optimal solution given all the requirements.

Project challenges

One of the major challenges for this project was the low door thresholds connecting to the podium deck, which couldn’t be raised, meaning that the build-up for the majority of the cold applied waterproofing and landscaping elements would need to be less than 100mm in height. Because of these restrictions the only drainage and protection board suitable within the system was Bauder’s Versicell 20, which is just 20mm in height but can withstand extremely high loading. The surface of the deck consists of three distinct finishes; permeable paving on the ground floor patios and walkways, artificial turf featuring fibreglass planters to serve as a communal garden and rubber mulch to create a play area for children.

Balconies and communal walkways were waterproofed with Bauder’s cold applied reinforced waterproofing layer; which is extremely fast curing and can withstand foot traffic within an hour of being installed. Residents remained in situ throughout the installation so working hours were scheduled to accommodate for school hours. Despite the challenges encountered all works were completed on time and to budget.

Products applied

Bauder LiquiTEC System
A cold applied liquid waterproofing system that offers the maximum versatility in roofing. The fast curing properties of the PMMA resin allow for exceptionally fast installation times.

System installed

Bauder LiquiTEC cold applied liquid waterproofing system




A PMMA based resin that requires a catalyst and is solvent, isocyanate and halogen free. The final coat, used to seal and bind the quartz wearing course in LiquiTEC Balcony, Walkway & Terrace Systems, and also to provide the desired colour to the finished waterproofing.

2  LiquiPAVE RF

A combination of LiquiPAVE R resin and LiquiPAVE F filler. It is a fast curing, cold applied liquid self-levelling waterproofing aggregate bond coat. When topped with quartz, is suitable to receive heavy duty foot traffic. 

3  LiquiBALKON

A fast curing waterproofing resin, for use on the main flat area of the LiquiTEC Reinforced Balcony, Walkway & Terrace system, beneath the LiquiPAVE RF Deck Floor Layer or other landscaping elements.


Harsha Amin, Project Manager from Hackney Homes:
“Bauder delivered a comprehensive waterproofing solution of the highest quality; providing expert technical support throughout the project. They have successfully transformed this housing estate in terms of appearance and functionality.”