Byker Wall

Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS)


As part of the £26 million refurbishment of this Grade II listed residential estate, which features a continuous block of over 600 properties, work was performed to not only repair the existing roof but to bring Byker Wall to the forefront of modernday roofing technology with the installation of a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Byker Wall
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Roof Area: 4,500m²
Specifier: Your Homes Newcastle
Main Contractor: Keepmoat
Approved Contractor: Hodgson Sayers

Products applied

Bauder Total Roof System
An integrated bituminous system with a life expectancy in excess of 40 years as stated in BBA cert,

Photovoltaic system was installed with 132 PV modules being fitted.


The result

Before replacing the existing waterproofing the team needed to convert the pitched metal roof back to its original flat roof status by removing the profiled metal sheets and timber framework. Subsequently, Hodgson Sayers then installed 4,500m² of Bauder’s top quality reinforced bitumen system, which included a highly efficient 120 mm PIR insulation. Four of the ten housing blocks were fitted with 132 PV Modules, enabling Byker Wall to generate at least 39.6 Megawatt Hours of solar power each year. All work was completed on time and to budget in December 2015, much to the delight of all project stakeholders.

System installed

Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS)


1 Bauder K5K A heavy duty, torch-applied SBS elastomeric bitumen capping sheet, featuring a spunbond polyester reinforcement to allow the finished product to cope with structural movement without fracture. The mineral finish provides protection against UV degradation.
2 BauderTEC KSA DUO 35 A technically advanced self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen underlayer with “DUO” lap technology to ensure thorough sealing of lap joints, even in lower temperatures.
3 BauderPIR FA-TE An efficient PIR insulation board with aluminium foil facing on both sides. The top facing features a printed grid pattern to aid site cutting. It is lightweight and has zero ozone depletion potential.
4 BauderTEC KSD FBS A self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen air & vapour control layer, with a mica finish.


Kevin Scott, Property Services Manager at Your Homes Newcastle:
“Byker Wall is an exceptional example of how modern roofing can revive a historical landmark. Bauder and Hodgson Sayers delivered a roofing solution of the highest quality giving us total confidence in the future performance of the roof.”