Regain 2

Bauderflex waterproofing system with Biodiverse green roof and BauderSOLAR G LIGHT


Regain 2 is located on the new ‘The Works’ site. The redevelopment of the former Ebbw Vale Steelworks has been designed to achieve strict targets for biodiversity, social, and environmental sustainability. This project forms part of an initiative that promotes low-energy, sustainable design in industrial buildings.

This project is a finalist in the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) 2024 UK Roofing Awards.

Bauder Building Board

Project: REGAIN2
Location: Ebbw Vale, Wales
Project type: New build
Roof size: 300m²
Specifier: Blaenau Gwent Borough Council
Main contractor: Knox & Wells Ltd (CARDIFF)
Approved contractor: J Randall Roofing Contractors Limited

The specification

The objective for this flat roofing project was to meet the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) Very Good’ rating with ‘Excellent’ for Energy Credits (ENE01).

Incorporating a biodiverse green roof adds environmental benefits as the vegetation can replicate the natural habitat of a project's location, with solar PV providing energy generation.


Products applied

BauderGREEN Flora 3 Seed Mix
A broad mix of low-growing and some shade-tolerant species.

An integrated solar PV mounting system specifically for Bauder biodiverse or extensive green roofs.


The result

The client explored several low-carbon technologies during the design stage to meet the objectives of achieving a BREEAM excellent-rated building. Incorporating a Biosolar solution enables the whole roof area to be vegetated whilst maximising PV output. The Flora 3 seed mix that was used was specifically designed to flourish beneath the PV modules.

A single-point, fully sustainable solution was successfully installed, containing the Bauderflex warm flat roofing system, along with a biodiverse green roof and BauderSOLAR G LIGHT biosolar photovoltaic mounting system.


System installed

1. BauderGREEN Flora 3 Seed Mix A range of UK provenance seed mixes with additional tackifier and mycorrhizal fungi.
2. BauderGREEN SUB-BM UK Lightweight, free-draining substrate for green roof growing mediums.
3. BauderGREEN FV 125 Filter fleece that is designed to separate and contain substrates from the drainage element of the green roof system.
4. BauderGREEN DSE 40 Laid on to the completed waterproofing to provide continuous drainage within hard and soft landscaping.
5. BauderGREEN FSM 600 A heavy-duty protection layer made from polyester and polypropylene fibres.
6. BauderPLANT E 42 Elastomer bitumen torch on capping sheet with root resistance according to FLL.
7. BauderTEC Sprint DUO Elastomer bitumen self-adhesive underlayer with variable technology for lap sealing.
8. BauderPIR FA-TE Insulation Rigid polyurethane foam board faced on both sides with aluminium foil, manufactured in various thicknesses.
9. BauderTEC KSD FBS Self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen air & vapour control layer, with a mica finished upper surface.


Paulo Santos, BGBC:
“I was impressed with the inspection reports from Bauder that kept him aware of progress and was extremely impressed with J Randalls and the finished project.”

Mike Feehan, Commercial Manager, Knox & Wells:
“A great project to be involved in and by using Bauder & J Randall were able to offer a single-point, fully integrated green/solar PV that met the BREEAM requirements of the client."

Monique Jones, J Randalls:
“A great sustainable project to be involved and we are very proud to be nominated for the NFRC Green Roof Awards.  It also gave the opportunity for one of our apprentices to project manage whilst being shadowed by Jobie and Shella Randall.”