Coláiste an Chláirín

Bauder Thermofol single ply waterproofing system with BauderROCK insulation


The new Coláiste an Chláirín building in Athenry, Co Galway is a post primary school consisting of classrooms, a special needs unit, sports hall, general-purpose hall, staff amenities and extensive external facilities designed by Smith Kennedy Architects & Healy Partners Architects. The project was managed by JJ Rhatigan and Company and the roofing element appointed to Priority Roofing and Cladding Ltd. 

The roof of the main building and the gymnasium required flat roof build-ups to meet the specifications as set out in in SDG 02-05-03 (Acoustic Performance in New Primary & Post Primary School Buildings), while meeting the general performance requirements specified within TGD 021-7 2018 (Minimum Performance Standards of Roof Materials and Finishes). The chosen system had to meet an acoustic performance of 35dB indoor ambient noise level (IANL). It was decided that, despite sports halls having a slightly higher IANL threshold, the 35dB performance criteria would be applied across all areas of the school, with control of reverberation being a key consideration in the gym.

Bauder Building Board


Coláiste an Chláirín


County Galway

Project type:

New Build

Roof size:


Main contractor:

JJ Rhatigan & Company

Approved contractor:

Priority Roofing & Cladding Ltd

The specifcation

The Architect specified that the insulation used in the flat roof system should be non-combustible and achieve a U-value of 0.16Wm²k which actually exceeds the thermal requirements as described in the Irish Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document L for flat roofs in schools.

BauderROCK was specified to achieve the thermal and acoustic requirements of the design. As a Euroclass A2-s1,d0 non-combustible material, BauderROCK also provided the specified fire performance. This insulation could be used across all roof areas, with some adaptations for the gym which required additional acoustic performance due to the inherent nature of the space. Acoustic infills were used in the troughs of the perforated metal deck, thus combatting the reverberation of the indoor environment. 


Products applied

Bauder Thermofol PVC
An integrated single ply waterproofing system, featuring a lightweight, cost effective membrane which offers a pleasing aesthetic finish on a flat roof. This system holds fire classification BROOF(t4) for compliance with building regulations under TS 1187 test method 4 for external fire exposure to roofs. 

High density mineral wool insulation.

Project challenges

One of the challenges of this project was the ambitious schedule. The use of the self-adhesive air and vapour control layer (AVCL) enabled the trades working within the building to progress quickly without being delayed by weather conditions. BauderROCK is relatively quick to install, as was the lightweight single ply waterproofing. 

The result

The project was finished to time and specification with exceptional workmanship from the fixers at Priority Roofing and Cladding and superb collaboration from all parties throughout. The membrane was finished with standing seams to create a statement look. The roof achieved a U-value of 0.15 W/m2k, exceeding the thermal target, and met or exceeded the 35db IANL requirement across the main building and the sports hall.  The thermal performance, which will hold up for decades to come, will also impart energy efficiency benefits that reduce running costs at the school in the long term. Finally, the non-combustible nature of the mineral wool insulation ensured that the build-up met the fire safety specification. 

System installed 

Bauder Thermofol PVC single ply waterproofing system


This 1.5mm polyester reinforced Poly Vinyl Chloride membrane (PVC) membrane benefits from being highly flexible due to the incorporation of internal plasticizers during the manufacturing process. The combination of materials within this membrane provides high tensile strength, with thermal stability and chemical resistance.

2 BauderROCK

A mineral fibre non-combustible insulation with high acoustic performance. The dual density mineral wool composition delivers compressive strength, whilst keeping the overall weight to a minimum and providing high noise absorption which enabled the complete system to meet project requirements.

3 BauderTEC DBR 06

This 0.6mm, self-adhesive, elastomeric air and vapour control layer is light weight and benefits from cleaner, safer, and faster installation than traditional torch applied membranes. 



Niall Hanley, Contracts Manager at JJ Rhatigan, the project’s main contractor, said:
"Coláiste an Chláirín Athnery was a great success and in particular the use of the self-adhesive AVCL in advance of the build-up allowed works to commence immediately internally, which was critical from a programme perspective.” 

Kevin Ryan, Director at Priority Roofing, explained:
"We found the system both practical and efficient to install. The combination of the availability of the products and the technical backup received was superior to any other system that we have worked with.”  

Eoin O’Grady, Associate Director at Healy Partners Architects commented:
"We are delighted with the overall delivery of the roof build-up and the performance achieved. The PE hall solution to deal with reverberation noise as well as rainfall noise was very successfully managed. We look forward to working with Bauder on future projects.”