University of East Anglia Bio Teaching Annex Roof 

Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS) with structural rooflights


Established in 1963, University of East Anglia (UEA) is a public research university in Norwich with four faculties and 26 schools of study. The Bio Teaching Annex Roof had reached the end of its serviceable life with the existing asphalt roof in need of replacing along with the current Georgian wired rooflights.

Bauder Building Board

Project: The University of East Anglia Bio Teaching Annex Roof
Location: Norwich
Project type: Refurbishment
Roof size: 325m²
Main contractor: MJS Projects
Approved contractor: Apex Roofing Anglia Ltd

The specification

Our bituminous Bauder Total Roof System was specified for this project because of its incredible longevity, with BBA certificate 10/4744 stating it has a service life in excess of 35 years. BTRS is robust, heavy duty and extremely tough, and has fire classification BROOF (t4), achieves ‘Low vulnerability' for Scotland, and is verified by the BBA as ‘unrestricted’ therefore making it suitable for use on any part of a roof.

The client requested new glazing units due to the original Georgian wired rooflights being at the end of their life and not in accordance with current health and safety requirements. Bauder double glazed glass rooflights were therefore specified to comply with the latest fragility and thermal requirements. The rooflights were specially designed to suit the Bio Teaching Annex Roof, and fitted to the existing aperture kerb.

The client also requested to shorten the run of roof light so a dedicated walkway at one end could be formed which would enable a safe access across the roof. It was agreed by the client that the new rooflight unit would be pulled away from the parapet wall which would allow access for weathering the kerb correctly, alleviating any weak spots in the waterproofing and minimising the potential for leaks.

Products applied

Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS)
Fully integrated bituminous waterproofing system.

Bauder Structural Rooflights
Bespoke structural glazing installations allow designers and architects complete freedom when incorporating natural daylight to a roofing project.
Before-V2-PNG.jpg  AFTER-V2-JPEG.jpg
In this roof situation, the white polyester, powder coated, thermally broken, insulated aluminium upstand was supplied with hit and miss ventilation.

This supported 31.5mm double glazed glass sealed units to the following specification:
  • 6mm clear toughened outer leaf complete with 100mm black border to face ‘2’
  • 16mm argon filled cavity (black spacer bar)
  • 9.5mm clear laminated inner leaf with low ‘E’ coating
  • Glazing was supplied in 6 pieces with each piece weighing 126kg

The result

For the client’s peace of mind, the Bauder structural rooflights were guaranteed for the same duration as the waterproofing system, BTRS. The project was signed off for guarantee in the autumn of 2018 by Wayne King, Bauder site technician, after the workmanship was deemed to be of an acceptable standard after the project’s final site inspection.


System installed

Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS)

1 Bauder K5K A heavy duty, torch-applied SBS elastomeric bitumen capping sheet, featuring a spunbond polyester reinforcement to allow the finished product to cope with structural movement without fracture. The mineral finish provides protection against UV degradation.
2 BauderTEC KSA DUO 35 A technically advanced self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen underlayer with “DUO” lap technology to ensure thorough sealing of lap joints, even in lower temperatures.
3 BauderPIR FA-TE An efficient PIR insulation board with aluminium foil facing on both sides. The top facing features a printed grid pattern to aid site cutting. It is lightweight and has zero ozone depletion potential.
4 BauderTEC KSD FBS A self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen air & vapour control layer, with a mica finish.