A number of the building’s roofs at Roundwood Park School needed refurbishing to prevent further water ingress entering the classrooms below. The client wanted the new waterproofing system to be of high quality and provide falls to the roof to help mitigate ponding water. A no capital outlay PV solution and new rooflights were also desired as part of the works to optimise the roofs functionality. The school remained open throughout the project creating logistical challenges.


All the roof areas were waterproofed with Bauder’s highly rated reinforced bituminous system Bauderflex, which has a life expectancy in excess of 30 years. The system build-up included Bauder’s highly efficient Tapered PIR insulation providing the required falls to the roof without incorporating them into the structure. 67 Bauder rooflights were also fitted providing essential daylight and ventilation to the building interior.

Bauder’s state-of-the-art PV system, SOLfixx Plus, was installed consisting of 470 PV modules whose individual performance can be monitored online; enabling the school to generate at least 130.28 Megawatt Hours of solar power each year. Bauder worked with sustainable energy funding specialists Evogreen to ensure Roundwood can enjoy all the associated financial benefits of their PV system without any up-front capital costs. All roofing works were timed so not to cause any disruption to ongoing work at the school.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Roundwood Park School
Location: Harpenden
Roof Area: 5,200m²
PV Funding Facilitator: Evogreen Plc
Specifier: Wilby & Burnett
Approved Contractor: Russell Trew

Applied Products

  • The Bauderflex System includes membranes resistant to high levels of structural and thermal movement.
  • The BauderSOLAR SOLfixx Plus system was installed with 470 PV modules being fitted.
  • Bauder rooflights are fully compatible with all Bauder waterproofing systems and hold BBA certification.



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