Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre Case Study

Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, located in East Birmingham, was experiencing leaks with their current flat roof waterproofing system and so they needed a quick, high quality solution to remedy the situation. Although competitors had suggested the only option was to strip the roof, Bauder found a more cost-effective answer by using our in house Troxler Moisture Gauge to identify any areas of wet roof construction, removing the saturated areas and then overlaying the whole roof area.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre 
Location: Birmingham
Project Type: Refurbishment
Roof Area: 4500m²
Specifier: Black Cat Consultancy 
Approved Contractor: BBR Roofing Ltd

The challenge

The works were to be undertaken in the middle of winter on the existing single ply covering which kept freezing when the operatives were drying the surface. Fixing down of the insulation boards (to the existing waterproof covering) was a noisy operation which also exposed the retail tenant below to risk of water ingress. Work had to be undertaken on a roof where ridges and valleys had to be navigated whilst managing the waterflow.

The Bauder specification allowed for the removal and replacement of the saturated areas as identified by our moisture mapping survey. This operation had to be planned to ensure that the retail stores were not put at risk in terms of water ingress, but still managed to keep the works progressing to schedule. This was particularly difficult due to the exposed site and the inclement weather encountered.

The solution

As a result, bespoke design had to be developed with Bauder to overcome these challenging site details without the need to decant the retail tenants below. Large sections of cable trays and handrails had to be lifted in situ so the roof works could be completed without compromising electrical or mechanical install.

By working closely with the centre, a method of work was developed which fulfilled these criteria in terms of waterproofing, health and safety and business protection of the shopping centre.

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